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What Is Summon Quality In Loop Hero

Learn more about Summon Quality in Loop Hero

Loop Hero is really taking a different approach to games as we know it. The game is unconventional for the most part with its unusual mechanics as well as its class-based gameplay system. One of these classes is the Necromancer Class in the game. This class is one of the most powerful ones in the game and is handy as it is the computer that handles combat for you. So where does Summon Quality come into play in Loop Hero? Read below to know why the Summon Quality is so important for the Necromancer Class.

What is the Summon Quality in Loop Hero?

What is the Summon Quality in Loop Hero
Learn How to take Advantage of the Necromancer Class

In the Necromancer Class in Loop Hero, players can spawn skeletons that can help them out in battle. These can help in defeating tougher enemies and are useful as it is the game computer that takes control of the combat. Now in the Necromancer Class, there are certain buffs that are dropped with Items and one of them is the Summon Quality buff. With the help of this, you can summon even stronger Skeletons which will make defeating Bosses easier.

There are four types of Skeletons in the game. One is the simple and regular Friendly Skeleton which has low attack stats and HP. Next comes the Assassin Skeleton that has higher attack stats but low HP. Third, are the Tank Skeletons which as their name should suggest are ones with higher HP but low damage stats. Lastly are the Archer Skeletons that can be summoned once you reach the maximum number of Melee Skeletons.

Some tips about this Summon Quality:

  • The Summon Quality makes it easier to get through huge quantities of enemies.
  • You can Farm a larger amount of resources in the game compared to other classes.
  • It makes getting through the Loop fairly easy.

This is everything that you need to know about What is the Summon Quality in Loop Hero. Do not miss out on our Loop Hero Guide as well as How to Use Chrono Crystals in Loop Hero.