Loop Hero Chrono Crystals: How To Use

Here's how to use Chrono Crystals in Loop Hero.

The main characteristic of Loop Hero is to go through the same process again & again in a loop to progress ahead in the game. The Hero recalls bits and pieces from his memory and tries to make sense of all of them. Moving along the loops will get you better weapons, resources, gears and more memories manifested as cards in-game. But one of the things you need to change in the game is placing the right cards to buff and nerf your enemies. So today let’s look at how to use Chrono Crystals in Loop Hero.

How to Use Chrono Crystals in Loop Hero?

Chrono Crystals Loop Hero

To use Chrono Crystals in Loop Hero, you need to understand its function. The Chrono Crystals card is used to double the effect of any card placed in the loop, and their effect. That means if you place the card next to any Spider Cocoon or Cemetary Skeletons, the spawn rate of those cards will double. The Spider Cocoon will spawn two spiders per day instead of spawning one per daily run. Also for the Cemetary Skeletons, it will spawn 1.5 Skeletons daily in place of one daily. This is very useful to spawn more enemies to kill and collect more gears & weapons. This is a must strategy for anyone who wants to spawn the first boss Lich as soon as possible. The early spawn of the boss will make him have less health and places. This will make it easy for you to beat him fairly easily.

You can also place the Chrono Crystals card near Meadows to get 4HP per day. If you have Blooming Meadow you will receive 6HP per day. And if your hero spawns within a Chrono Crystals then you can start each day with twice the health you have normally. You must try to place your Treasury within the radius of Chrono Crystals. Also, place them near meadows to further the efficency.

That’s basically everything you need to know about how to use Chrono Crystals in Loop Hero. While you are here, check out more of our Loop Hero Guides for more guides with exciting secrets and tips.