Loop Hero: How To Unlock The Secret Boss

Here's how to unlock and spawn the secret boss in Loop Hero.

Loop Hero game out for PC in all major game clients. The game has taken the gaming community by surprise with its automated ARPG system and nostalgic graphics. The main idea of the game is to gather the lost pieces of memory in form of cards. You begin by one of the hero classes and then start looping along a path of enemies and other challenges. The shredded memory returns to you as collectible cards which you can place down along the loop to either nerf or buff the enemies. To go further ahead in the game you have to best all the bosses from Lich to Omega. But there is a secret boss that you can summon using some specific criteria. So here’s how to unlock the secret boss in Loop Hero.

How to Unlock the Secret Boss in Loop Hero

Loop Hero unlock Secret Boss

To unlock the secret boss in Loop Hero, you need to complete Chapter 2 by beating the second boss The Priestess. Then you need to have an Oblivion card and any five cards from the below list:

  • Battlefield
  • Beacon
  • Blood Grove
  • Bookery
  • Chrono Crystals
  • Roadside Lantern
  • Temporal Beacon
  • Vampire Mansion

Once you have the Oblivion and any 5 of these cards, start walking the loop. You need to find a bent curvy area of your loop to create a road with all 5 cards overlapped on each other. This will generate blue sparks on the tile, you need to place the Oblivion to spawn the secret boss. Make sure you have unlocked all your equipment slots before fighting the boss as he is going to be very difficult to beat.

That’s basically everything you need to know about how to unlock the secret boss in Loop Hero. While you are here, check out more of our Loop Hero Guides for more guides with exciting secrets and tips.