What Are The Best Tile Combos And Synergies In Loop Hero

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Tile combos in Loop Hero will offer you exciting and surprising results that you can use to your benefit in the game. Combos can be created by placing different or similar tiles together and each different combination will have a different effect. If you wish to know the best tile combos in Loop Hero, check the rest of this guide.

Best Tile Combos And Synergies In Loop Hero

While the concept of Loop Hero may be simple enough, there’s an entire world of tile combos and synergies that will make progression easier while offering passive benefits helping you to defeat the Lich. All you need to do is check out your deck and ensure that you have the necessary cards available to create these best tile combos and synergies in Loop Hero.

best tile combos and synergies in loop hero
These Best Tile Combos and Synergies In Loop Hero will help you create new effects and spawn tons of new things

Mountain Peak

Place rock and or mountain tiles in a 3×3 grid to create a Mountain Peak, this will grant your Hero 120 HP and will also spawn Harpies every 2 days in the game.


You will need to place 5 Suburbs down in the shape of an X to create a town.

Blood Path

To create a Blood Path in Loop Hero, all you need to do is place two different battlefields next to each other. This will spawn a blood clot every 4 days.

Goblin Camp

Placing 10 Rock or Mountains will get you a Goblin Camp randomly somewhere on the map.


Place a battlefield next to a river and you will be able to create a Shipwreck, this will spawn chests to get treasure from as well as Siren enemies, this is one of the best tiles combos.

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To get the most out of your treasury and increase the rewards, you should surround your Treasury with rocks, mountains, or meadows. This will help you to get maximum rewards and useful resources.

Blooming Meadow

Place Meadow next to any other tile to get the Blooming Meadow, this will start offering you 3 HP every day.

Ransacked Village

You will need to place a Village next to a Vampire Mansion to get a Ransacked Village, this will also spawn  4 Ghouls per loop.


Place a Sand Dune next to a River and while your Hero’s attack speed will be reduced by 0.5%, the other creature’s attack speed gets reduced by 1%. This will come in handy during the later stages of the game.

Burned Forest

Place a Forest next to a Storm Temple and you will get a Burned Forest, this will also grant you extra magic damage.

These are the best tile combos or synergies in Loop Hero that we’ve found so far, we will keep updating this with better combos as and when they’re available.

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