Loop Hero: How To Get Rid Of Inventory Items

Here's how to remove items from your inventory in Loop Hero.

Loop Hero came as a surprise to all fans of 16bit RPG games. Its automated battle and the crawling system are something different from the games we played before. In this game, you only can control the loop that your hero takes. You may place cards along the way making the loop but easier or difficult with more enemies along the way. Killing more enemies will grant you more gears, weapons, and items. But limited inventory space in Loop Hero means you have to choose what to use and which items to get rid of. So today let us look at how to remove & delete items from inventory in Loop Hero.

How to Remove & Delete Items From Inventory in Loop Hero

Loop Hero Remove & get rid of Items

Removing items from inventory in Loop Hero is an automated process just like the auto-playing of the game. This means all your old items will be automatically deleted and converted to scraps once you gather new resources. This is the same for the items you replace from inventory. Once you replace any item or gear you equipped with the much better version of it, the old item will be automatically deleted and turned in scarps. The old items will be pushed out of your inventory ( bottom right items first) and will be turned into collectible resources which you can use in your base for upgrading the building and other resource-consuming things. This is very useful in getting ready for your first boss battle with Lich, and getting rid of items in Loop Hero.

As your inventory is only able to hold 12 items at any given point, you will find them pushed out of your inventory as new items are added to you. So keeping this in mind, you need to check every new item you receive to always equip the best item with stats from the inventory. This process is very convenient as the inventory saves time for your future expansion the more you explore the world and play the same loop over and over again.

That’s basically everything you need to know about how to remove items from inventory in Loop Hero. While you are here, check out more of our Loop Hero Guides for more guides with exciting secrets and tips.