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Hitman 3 All Five Thornbridge Manor Keys Location Guide

In this guide, you can find a location for keys to unlock Mr. Frenby's office, Mansion Master Key, Rebecca's bedroom, Greenhouse, and Emma & Gregory's Bedroom.

Thornbridge Manor is a tricky place in Hitman 3, you will unlock this after completing the Dubai mission where you will have to assassinate high-level targets Carl Ingram and Marcus Stuyvesan. There are different ways to kill them both for example make Carl Ingram Play Golf, or for Marcus, there are options like kick him out of the balcony by finding his replacement bodyguard or electrocute him. You can also both the targets at the same time by calling up a fake meeting. After this mission Agent 47 travels to Dartmoor, England to assassinate his next big target Alexa Carlisle and get the Dartmoor Case File.

Agent 47 enters as a private investigator to investigate Zachary’s death in the house. This is your way in and you will find the disguise of the investigator outside the mansion. The house has lots of locked rooms, mysterious switches, etc. And to unlock them you will need keys. The best one is the Thornbridge Manor master key which unlocks every room in the house. In this Hitman 3 Thornbridge Manor Keys Location Guide, you will find the locations of each and every key along with how to get them.


Thornbridge Manor Keys Locations

There are five keys in the mansion and to get them you will have to locate five different targets. Each target will drop a key to a corresponding room. Refer to the list below. To get the key you have to subdue each target and hide their bodies inside a closet. It is best not to kill them or else you will lose HP. You have quite less time to subdue each of them one by one grab the keys and change your disguise to play further.

  1. Mr. Fernby’s Office Key: Mr.Fernsby.
  2.  Mansion’s Master Key: Inside Mr. Fernsby’s Office.
  3. Rebecca’s Bedroom Key: Rebecca Carlisle.
  4. Greenhouse Key: Emma Carlisle.
  5. Emma & Gregory’s Bedroom Key: Gregory Carlisle.


Where to find Mr. Fernby’s Office Key?

Mr. Fernby's Office Key

After talking to Alexa Carlisle follow Mr. Fernby towards Zachary’s bedroom. You can subdue him after reaching the stairs and hide his body inside the box on the left of the stairs. Collect his office key.


Where to find Thornbridge Manor Master Key?

Dartmoor Mansion Master Key

Collect Mr. Frenby’s office key and follow the map location towards his office. Unlock the door and turn towards a bookshelf. Thornbridge Manor’s master key is on the shelf. Collect the key and you can use this to unlock almost all locked doors of the house.


Where to find Rebecca’s Bedroom Key?

Rebecca's Bedroom Key

On Level 0 follow the map to locate Rebecca. You will find her walking into another room and a maid is doing her job in the lobby. To get the key you will have to subdue both the maid and the target. Use a coin to lure the maid first and hide her in the closet at the end of the lobby opposite the balcony. Do the same for Rebecca, throw a coin and she will come out to check. Subdue her, hide the body and grab the key.

Where to find Greenhouse Key?

Greenhouse Key Location

Go to the Sitting Room and you will find Emma, just outside where you found Rebecca. She is alone, subdue her and you will get the key to the greenhouse. You will also get Poisonous Flower, a clue to the death in the house.

Where to find Emma & Gregory’s Bedroom Key?

Emma & Gregory Bedroom Key

Wait for Gregory, he will come to the same room for reading the newspaper. But he is not alone, two guards are always around. Go to the lobby and throw a coin to lure the guards out. Subdue them and then finally hit Gregory to get the key to the bedroom and collect all the clues.

Now you have all the five keys from Thornbridge Manor in Hitman 3. Collect them to unlock more rooms in the mansion. If you are still playing the Dubai mansion then we have some more guides to help you out. For example, the All-Safe Codes Guide and the Helicopter key location will help you a lot.