Hitman 3: How To Hide Bodies

Here's how to hide bodies in Hitman 3. Grab and drag them to a hiding place and keep them out of sight.

Being true to its roots, Hitman 3 brings back Agent 47 in the final installment in the World of Assassination trilogy as the world’s best infamous assassin. To be the best, Agent 47 has to use aliases and different disguises for espionage, working knowledge of the machinery and electronic systems for sabotage. He is best known for his perfect assassinations without leaving any traces behind by removing proofs and hiding bodies. There is even an Achievement connected to this in Hitman 3, named Silent Assassin Achievement. To achieve this you have to “Complete the final test unspotted. Kill only jasper knight, ensuring his body is not found“. In this guide, let’s see how to hide bodies in Hitman 3.

How To Hide Bodies In Hitman 3?

Hiding NPC bodies has been one of the core mechanisms in the Hitman franchise. Hiding a body is crucial to saving your cover till you complete your mission and leave the area undetected.

Here’s how to hide bodies:

  1. Ensure that the coast is clear
  2. Subdue or Kill the NPC
  3. Drag the body away and change disguise
  4. Find the perfect Hiding Spot to hide bodies

Ensure that the Coast is Clear

The first part of any perfect way of killing or overpowering your single target is to make sure your surrounding is clear. If you are in an open space make sure no one else in the vicinity. If there is any other NPC in the area then you must have quick reflexes. In tightly closed areas like inside a room, make sure you know who is going to enter the area and when they are going to do it.

Subdue or Kill the NPC

Once you are behind an NPC undetected, you will be prompted an option (button) to Subdue/knockout or even snap neck to kill the NPC. You can trigger this action by pressing Square/X/Q in PS, Xbox & PC respectively. In PS5 you have to Hold the Square button. All must be done while keeping in mind the above point, no other witnesses in the area.

Drag the Body away and Change Disguise

Once your Target is knocked out or killed, you can change your disguise by pressing or holding X/A/T in PS, Xbox & PC. You can pick up any weapons and items they drop by holding or pressing Triangle/Y/F in PS, Xbox & PC. Make sure to hide any illegal weapons you carry according to the disguise you are wearing. We have a guide here on how to Hide Illegal Items. Once you have changed your disguise, you can drag the body to the perfect hiding spot by pressing/holding Circle/B/B in PS, Xbox & PC respectively.

Find the Perfect Hiding Spot to Hide Bodies in Hitman 3

Once you find your perfect hiding spot, you can drop the body in it. Best Hiding Spots in Hitman 3 are usually highlighted by its borders and can be perfect to hide the body. These include bins, closets, refrigerators/coolers etc. There are lot more options available once you dive into the world of assassinations and espionage. Also sometimes you won’t be able to find a perfect spot to hide a body. Bodies can be thrown off high rise buildings, from cliffs and into pits. But this will instantly kill your NPCs.

If you are new to the Hitman franchise, it might take a bit of practice for you to build up your reflexes to do all these actions very fast. So look into our Hitman 3 Beginner’s Tips to get some extra help. Even if you are a veteran of the entire series you can replay Hitman 1 or Hitman 2. This will polish your abilities and make you ready for Hitman 3 once the server and carryover issues are resolved by IO Interactive.