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Hitman 3: How To Fix Carryover Progression Error?

Here's how to fix the map, level, item, progression carryover error in Hitman 3 from Hitman 1 & Hitman 2. Read on to know more about this issue and solution.

The World of Assassination trilogy has finally concluded with an Epic bang. We recommend this a must-play for all stealth genre fans out there. Continuing from where Hitman 2 left off, this time Agent 47 visits six different locations from Dubai to Romania in the base game. We’ve listed all Hitman 3 locations right here. But IO Interactive has promised us the ability to import levels, maps, and progression from both previous titles to Hitman 3. But currently, this feature is not working properly. Let’s look at the issue in more depth and decide if you should start playing the game right away or hold on to it. Here’s how to fix the carryover status error in Hitman 3.

How To Fix Level and Progression Carryover Status Error Issue in Hitman 3


Right now there is no official fix for the problem. IO Interactive is working right now on the fix and giving updates to the community through their official Twitter. If the Hitman 3 carry over website is not working, all you can do is patiently wait.

According to IOI’s Twitter thread, IOI says “If you complete the process and see that your request has ‘failed’, it will be placed in a queue on our end and processed. You can do no more.”

IOI has requested all their player base to check Twitter instead of the official website to know when the issue will be fixed.

Another tweet says, “Once you reach the ‘Status’ page of the progression carryover site, we’ll take it from there. You’re in a queue and need to wait. When the status is ‘Finished’, you’re all set.”

This progress carryover error is happening because of mainly Steam players trying to carry the progress to Epic game stores. For some, the error message appears on the screen as “Status: Error“, for some others just half of the items from previous games are being transferred.

Hitman 3: Should I Start Playing Now?

Also note that, while you can start your experience as Agent 47 in Hitman 3, we suggest you not to go far ahead in the game. Because once the Carryover issue is fixed by IOI and you transfer the maps from the previous game, all your Hitman 3 game progress will be reset back to the beginning. So most of the players have to hold to their new copy of Hitman 3 till an official fix is announced from IOI.

We will be updating this post once we hear more from IOI. With that cleared up, for now, check out our Beginners tips that are important for newbies and veterans of the franchise. Also, check out more of our Hitman 3 guides while you are waiting for the official fix.