Beginner’s Tips Should You Keep In Mind While Playing Hitman 3

These Hitman 3 beginner's tips will help you progress in the game without leaving a trace behind and become a true silent assassin

These Hitman 3 beginner’s tips will help you get up to speed and become as proficient as Agent 47 himself, make sure to follow these steps so that you earn the most amount of points and become a literal ghost, there’s no point in playing a stealth game if you’re not going to make use of the elements that the game presents to you. Learn how to take advantage of each situation and you will become a stone-cold assassin in no time.

Hitman 3 Beginner’s Guide Everything That You Need To Know

These beginner’s tips of Hitman 3 will show you the ropes around the game. What you should focus on and what needs to be done. Keep in mind that these tips will go a long way and help you complete each mission with ease and finesse. Become a silent assassin and take on every target with ruthless aggression with these tips.

hitman 3 beginners tips

Exploration Beginner’s Tips

Exploration is vital in IO Interactive’s Hitman series, the more places you discover, the more opportunities you will unlock to complete your missions, keep an eye out for specific side quests and limited times side quests, completing these will offer you a ton of bonus points and you can get away with a hefty bonus that will come handy, the next time you play the game. T


Stealth is part of being a silent assassin, your job is to only assassinate the main target, killing anyone else will result in you not being able to earn the maximum points for that specific missions, make sure to blend in as the people around you and walk as if you’re meant to be there. The game will provide you with tons of opportunities to sneak in wherever you need to be. Make sure that no one detects you and leave the place unnoticed. These are some of the most important Hitman 3 beginner’s tips that you will need to focus on.

Exit Points

There are multiple exit points in every Hitman 3 mission, these points will let you leave the area without being suspected but getting there can sometimes be difficult. Make sure to lure your target to a place from where you can exit discreetly. Knowing your own position in the area will help you take advantage of the environment much easily mastering each map has its own benefits.

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Monitoring Rooms

In the era of CCTV cameras, you’re bound to be noticed by them. Like a silent assassin, it is your responsibility to leave nothing that can trace you back. By destroying the evidence you ever being there you can basically earn a ton of XP and complete missions as a literal ghost.

Difficulty Beginner’s Tips

While the challenge of a higher difficulty seems exciting and provoking to most, knowing your limits and adjusting the difficulty levels will help you play the game at your own pace. If you’re used to stealth games you should pick a higher difficulty, but if you’re someone who is new to the genre it is best to learn the ropes by choosing the lesser difficulty and getting as many tips as possible. This beginner’s tip will help you progress much better and further in missions.

Manual Saving

While the autosave feature in modern games is proving to be quite reliable, manually saving your progress has its other benefits, you can quickly get back to a specific point in the mission if you wish to undo something and then continue to not having to play the rest of the mission with the same mistakes. Learn where and when to manually save and it will save you a lot of time.

This beginner’s tip will help you change correct your mistakes and learn how each decision can lead you to different opportunities.

Custom Loadout

Make sure that you use a custom loadout for every mission, while the default loadout is pretty good enough, having the proper tools for each mission will help you progress quickly and hassle-free. Always remember to have a lockpick in the game as you will be able to bypass most doors easily and get to restricted areas easily.

These are the basic Hitman 3 beginner’s tips that you should keep in mind. There’s an entire world in Hitman 3 to explore and make sure to keep your eyes and ears open and things keep on developing and with it, you will be able to adjust your gameplay accordingly.

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