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Hitman 3 PlayStation Control Guide

Here is a detailed Hitman 3 PS control guide, learn about every keys and interaction.

Looking for all controls to play Hitman 3 on PlayStation then refer to this guide. I am sharing all the controls to play this game which includes important actions like Disguise, Hiding a body, interacting with objects, etc. The game is about moving in stealth, so you have to plan a lot before doing something. You will be in a high-surveillance zone where every armed guard will be alerted if you do any mistake. Do not forget these controls and use your tactics smartly to reach your target.

Hitman 3 PS4 Controls Guide

Hitman 3 PS4 Controls

  1. R1 – Use Instinct or Reload a Weapon.
  2. R2 – Shoot or Throw an item.
  3. L1 – Hold to Run.
  4. L2 – Hold to Aim.
  5. L1 + R1 – Hold Both to Place an item.
  6. Triangle – Interact or Pickup an Item.
  7. Circle – Take Cover or DRop a body. Also, use the same key to drag a body to hide it.
  8. X – Perform Agility Actions or Take Disguise.
  9. Square – Melee attack or Use an Item.
  10. Options – Menu.
  11. Touchpad – Notebook.
  12. D-pad Up – Holster / Unholster.
  13. D-pad Down – Inventory.
  14. D-pad Left – Drop item.
  15. Left Joystick – Press for Camera Shoulder. Move to walk.
  16. Right Joystick – Move Camera, press to Crouch.

Hitman 3 Tips for Starters

  1. If you lose a mission or get caught do not forget to press the Options key to go to Game Menu and select a previously saved game or checkpoint.
  2. Do not pick any item or do any activity when you are near the target or in a VIP area.
  3. You can go to the game menu and Replan Mission if you think you can find a second way.
  4.  Press R1 to use Instinct. The screen turns black and white and you will see highlighted objects.
  5. Do not stand in the view range of a guard you want to distract.
  6. When you subdue any guard or target do not forget to hide his body.
  7. Finding perfect disguise is the key to win a mission.
  8. Follow mission objectives and be patient while exploring the area.
  9. Always subdue or take down the enemy in a corner or in a secluded spot.
  10. You can hide your weapons in a Dustbin, this will allow you to enter private areas.

We will update a lot more tips and tricks for Hitman 3. Till then you can check our guides to find out whether Hitman 3 has co-op mode or not. Also what more you can do in Hitman 3 Open World.