Does Hitman 3 has a Co-op Mode? How to play it with Friends?

Want to know if Hitman 3 has a multiplayer mode?

Hitman 3 features challenging missions. High -level targets living under extreme surveillance are not simple to assassinate. You have to be alert while moving around, find the perfect disguise and wait for the right moment to complete your missions. What if you can play Hitman 3 with friends? Does Hitman 3 have a multiplayer mode? If yes then how to invite a friend in Hitman 3? If you are looking for answers to all these questions then keep reading.

Can you play Hitman 3 with friends?

Hitman 3 Multiplayer Mode

Hitman 3 does not has co-op of multiplayer mode. The game focuses on stealth-based single-player missions. You will be in the shoes of Agent 47 who has enough intel of key personals. The objective is to find them out first, and then try to make your way to perform a clean assassination. It would be really great if there was a co-op mode in Hitman 3. This will allow multiplayer players to think differently and carry out objectives faster.

Is Hitman 3 is an Open-World game? It does offer you the freedom to explore the surrounding. Everything is linked to a mission, and the final objective is to hunt down the target without making noise. There is still a lot to explore in main missions. The game has unique mechanics allowing players to choose the way they want to kill the target. This requires a lot of thinking and exploration. With these, you will also find collectibles and important items hidden in the surrounding.

Does Hitman 3 has a multiplayer mode?

No, there is no direct multiplayer mode available in the game. But Hitman 3 does have a separate section called Contracts. Some unique challenges for players to test out their stealth skills. Hitman 3 does require an internet connection, but it has not introduced a multiplayer mode in the game mechanics. A co-op mode at-least would let players get heads on a single target. Certain challenges in the game are tough and require a lot of exploration. Having a friend aligned on the same mission can help you to finish it faster.

There is no update from the developers whether in the future Hitman 3 will get an online mode. Like how Watch Dogs Legion is getting this month.