How Many Missions, Levels & Locations Are There In Hitman 3?

Wondering how many levels and locations are there in Hitman 3? Read this guide to know. Includes locations of Dubai, China & more.

Hitman 3 is going to be January 2021’s big game and fans of the series are curious to know – how many missions, levels and locations are there in Hitman 3? Look no further because we will tell you all about it in this quick guide. Locations play an important role in the world of Agent 47, the hardcore assassin who completes contracts which takes the story forward. Let’s take a look at a bit more information about the third and final instalment of IO Interactive’s World of Assassination trilogy.

How Many Missions in Hitman 3?

You will be able to play 6 missions and levels in Hitman 3. Plus, players who have bought the first Hitman and Hitman 2 will have a special reward. They can import maps, levels and also their progress in Hitman 3 which is pretty cool.

Hitman 3: How Many Locations?

Image Credit: IO Interactive

These are all the six known Hitman 3 Locations that you can visit as Agent 47:

  • Dubai, UAE
  • Dartmoor, United Kingdom
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Mendoza, Argentina
  • Chongqing, China
  • Carpathian Mountains, Romania

The game will start with the assassin in Dubai and players will take it forward from there. From being present at the opening ceremony of the tallest building in the world in Dubai, you will move to other countries for more clues. You will head to England, Germany, China, Argentina and return to Romania. Every location has some beautiful environments to offer right from bright neon lights to modern vineyards. There’s a lot to explore and mysteries to unveil in this game.

That answers your question of how many missions, levels and locations are there in Hitman 3. Stay tuned to Gamer Tweak to get more tips, tricks and guides for completing objectives as Agent 47.

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