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Hitman 3 Dartmoor Murder Guide: How To Solve Death in Family Mission

Unable to complete Means, Motive, and Opportunity then read this guide to solve the murder mystery.

In Mission Story called Means, Motive, and Opportunity of Hitman 3 you will have to solve a murder mystery or else you won’t be able to progress. To begin you will have to disguise as a private investigator hired by Alexa Carlisle who is your real target. After assassinating her you will have to get the Case File. In this guide, you can find an exact solution on how to solve the Dartmoor Murder, where to find the Case file in Hitman 3, and how to proceed with further missions.


Step 1: Disguise as a Private Investigator

When the mission begins you will be heading to Alexa Carlisle’s state. Find the private investigator and kill him. Disguise as the investigator who is hired to find out the real suspect behind Zachary’s death. You can find him near the front gate of the estate. Just follow him, subdue the target and rob his clothes.

Step 2: Talk to Alexa Carlisle

Hitman 3 - Solve Murder Mystery

Talk to the butler at the entrance who will lead you to Alexa Carlisle. The first one will take you inside the house and the second one will ask you to look at the body. You can then meet Alexa Carlisle. Investigate the following clues.


Hitman 3 Murder Clues 1 & 2

  • 1. Zachary’s Body
  • 2. Whisky Glass and Bottle

Hitman 3 Murder Clues 3 & 4

  • 3. Zachary’s Laptop
  • 4. Zachary’s Suicide Note

Hitman 3 Murder Clues 5 & 6

  • 5. Secret Room
  • 6. Mansion Floor Plan

On the left of the room from the main door look for a bookshelf. Pull one of the books to open a secret room. Peep through the left wall then pickup the floor plan look on the right near the transparent mirror.


Step 3: Talk to the Bulter

Talk to Mr. Fernsby and proceed with finding more clues. You will have to talk to a few family members to get the lead. Now the exploration begins. You will have to move around the house and find more clues. To make this fast follow the instructions below to find the right clues and then finally you will talk to Alexa Carlisle.

Talk to the following people:

  1. Gregory Carlisle
  2. Edward Carlisle
  3. Emma Carlisle
  4. Rebecca Carlisle
  5. Patrick Carlisle
  6. Talk to the Maids

All the family members are in the house, you will have to locate them one by one and start talking. Next, you will be investigating their rooms and finding the following clues.

1. Emma and Gregory’s Room Clues:

  • Location: Level 1 (Northwest of Building)
  • Letter From Emma’s Mother
  • Greenhouse Key Chain
  • Bulldog Cane
  • Shoes and Footprints

Emma’s room is locked, you will have to break the door. Collect the crowbar, it is located outside the Greenhouse. Use that to break the lock and you can then climb up using the window to collect the clues.

2. Rebecca’s Room Clues:

  • Location: Level 1 (Southeast of Building)
  • Rebecca’s Notebook
  • Rebecca’s Laptop

Again the door is locked and you cannot enter by breaking the window. You will have to climb up using the nearby window and use the ledge to gain access to the room’s window. Just collect the two clues and move out.

3.Mr. Fernsby’s Room Clues:

  • Staff Room (Ground Floor)
  • Zachary’s half-burnt Diary
  • Mr. Fernsby’s List
  • Mr. Fernsby’s Pills

The butler who took you inside the house is hiding something. You will have to check this room too, go to the ground floor and investigate the staff room. Use the crowbar to break the lock there is no other way to enter. All three pieces of evidence will play a vital role in solving the murder.

4.Greenhouse Clues:

  • At the backside of the State
  • Lab Equipment
  • Poison Dosage Table

The last and final place to look is the Greenhouse. There is important evidence here and this is where you will solve the murder mystery.

Step 4: Return to Alexa Carlisle

You will have three names in front of you. One of them is the killer. Pick Emma and the case is solved. You will get your reward from the woman. You can also accuse the butler or Zachary and this is not going to change the mission’s ending. You will get your reward even if you accuse the wrong person.

  • Emma
  • Mr.Fernsby
  • Zachary

Alexa Carlisle will realize Agent 47 real identity and she will share the Case File for not killing her. Just follow her to get the file, it is on you to kill or leave her alone. The goal is to get the file, now you know everything about solving the murder and how to get the case file in Hitman 3.