Hitman 3 Dubai Safe Code: All Safe Combinations

Check out the Hitman 3 Dubai Safe Code to get access through doors and unlock safes. Use these keypad combinations on all levels.

In Hitman 3, you need to have access through various doors and get into safes to gather more intel. There are safes scattered in every location that Agent 47 will visit but in this guide, we will give you all the Hitman 3 Dubai Safe Codes that you can input on Keypads. With the help of these Keypad codes for 4 floors including Staff area, Atrium door code, Security Room safe and Penthouse Guest Bedroom safe.

Hitman 3 Dubai Safe Code – All Keypad Codes & Combinations

These safe combinations will come in handy in Dubai.

hitman 3 dubai keypad code safe combination

Staff Door Code: 4706

For the Staff Area and Atrium Door, use the code 4706 to get access to these areas. This code is mentioned on the Meeting room whiteboard. Make sure to move around wearing an outfit of a staff so that you can be undetected.

Hitman 3 Dubai Security Room Safe Code: 6927

Use the safe code 6927 for the safes on the 2nd and 3rd floor. This will give you the Evacuation cards.

Penthouse Guest Bedroom Safe Code: 7465

The Penthouse Guest Bedroom Safe Code is 7465. This safe is located on the 2nd floor of the penthouse and you have to walk until the end of the hallway to find it.

These were all Hitman 3 Dubai Safe Code and Keypad combinations to get more intel, XP and discoveries. We hope these safe combinations help you speed up your journey of being a stone-cold assassin.

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