Hitman 3: How To Use Camera To Take Pictures, Scan, Hack & More

Find out how to use the new Camera tool in Hitman 3 to open, scan & hack doors, window shutters, & computers.

Ever since the beginning of the World of Assassination trilogy, IO Interactive has been putting a lot of effort into the Hitman series by adding maps of considerable size and well-detailed level designs, weapons, items, and equipment. The missions are like a giant puzzle you have to solve one by one by overcoming different obstacles in each level on every map. In this epic conclusion to the current Hitman trilogy, Agent 47 has new additions to his arsenal. A new pocket camera. Let’s look at how to use the camera to take pictures and more. This camera has features of entry-level handheld point & shoot camera like:

  • 4x optical zoom
  • DOF settings option to adjust the depth of field
  • Three different camera filters

All these features give you the ability to take pictures of evidence, your targets, or even hack into computers and open electronic locks. You read that right! This is more than just a ‘point and shoot’ camera. It has some secret features up its sleeves, making it a vital & essential part of Agent 47’s default items for every mission. The new camera tool is one of the many features IO Interactive added to their latest installment in the series.

How to Use Camera in Hitman 3 to Scan, Hack & Gather Intel

Image Courtesy: Game Informer (gameinformer.com)

In your minimap, all interactable items will have a camera icon on them. These items can be either hacked like vents, windows & doors or scanned to gather intel for the mission. It feels futuristic, like something right out of Watch Dogs Franchise. The new camera will be an integral item as part of every mission in the game.

The camera comes into action from the first mission in Dubai, On Top Of The World. You can open shut windows to open up new pathways, take pictures of evidence and kills, like in Dubai where you have to kill a suspicious journalist, take a picture of the dead body and gain the trust of one of Agent 47’s targets by showing the photo to them. These steps will allow Agent 47 to get an opportunity to be alone with this target and eliminate him quietly. To help you out, here’s how to perfectly hide bodies in Hitman 3.

How to Take Photos in Hitman 3?

Image Courtesy: Game Informer (gameinformer.com)

You can equip the camera from your inventory by cycling through it by left/right D-pad on your controller. For PC players, press I to swap inventory items. Once you have equipped the Camera you can L2/LT/Right mouse button in PS, Xbox & PC respectively. Use your controller’s right analog stick/ mouse to frame your subject then use R2/RT/Left mouse button to take a photo. But keep in mind Hitman 3 has no photo mode. So don’t expect full-fledged photo mode like in other games that support it.

Also don’t lose hope yet, as many games are known to get photo mode updates later after their initial release.

That’s all you need to know about the new camera tool in Hitman 3. For more information and tips on Hitman 3, make sure to check out our other Hitman 3 guides too. Keep reading: