How To Find And Contact Olivia In Hitman 3 (Berlin)

Follow these steps to find and contact Olivia in Hitman 3.

If you are wondering how to contact Olivia in Hitman 3 in the Berlin location, you will get the answer here. There are no instructions about what to do which will naturally make you stumped. You will be at a gas station and you have to find Olivia and contact her to get more information. What should you do next? Where do you go? Keep reading to know.

Hitman 3: How to Contact Olivia


You can contact Olivia by using the Burner Phone that you can equip from the quick select menu. Then call her by pressing the left mouse button (PC) or the RT/R2 on your controller (Xbox and PlayStation).

Despite doing this, you will not be able to contact her and your mission now is to find her.

How to Find Olivia in Berlin

Follow these steps to find Olivia in Hitman 3 Berlin location.

  1. From your spawn point, walk straight until you reach a parked car.
  2. Head right and enter the jungle area.
  3. Keep going on that path until you get a cutscene.
  4. In this cutscene where Olivia will tell you that her location is now compromised. She will ask you to abort and walk away because the ICA tracked her.
  5. This will initiate the Apex Predator mission.

The objective now is to eliminate the ICA Agents. We’ve covered a guide on where to find all ICA Agents in Hitman 3 that will make the process much smoother for you. In total there are 11 of them, but you have to kill five for this particular mission before they get to you.

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This is everything you need to know about how to find and contact Olivia in Hitman 3 (Berlin). While you are here, how to unlock shortcuts, how to get Sniper Rifles, Where to find all door codes and safe combinations and How to get all Mastery level rewards on Gamer Tweak.