Where To Find All ICA Agents In Berlin In Hitman 3

Facing trouble trying to find the location of all ICA Agents in Berlin in Hitman 3? Check the location of each ICA Agent right here

There are a total of 11 ICA Agents that you will need to find, the best thing about this is the fact that 10 out of 11 can be found near to one another in the Berlin map itself. To progress in the Berlin level you will need to take down at least 5 of them, which can be done easily if you already know where to find them. If you’re having any trouble, our guide will help you find all of them right here.

Where To Find All ICA Agent Locations In Berlin In Hitman 3

These ICA agents need to be taken down by Agent 47 but it isn’t as easy as you think nor is it impossible. To take down all of the ICA agents in Berlin in Hitman 3, you will need to use and apply different techniques. Some are trickier than others, check how to eliminate all ICA agents below.

eliminate all ica agents hitman 3

Agent Price

ICA Agent Price will be patrolling the starting default location by himself in the forest, you can take him down easily.

Agent Rhodes (The Veteran)

To find Agent Rhodes, you will need to get to the Level 1 of the Grow House, he’s been disguising himself as a biker, seek him out and eliminate him.

Agent Swan (The Swan Song)

Agent Swan can be eliminated easily, all you have to do is get near the Chill Out area. He will be near the river, and you can push him in to get an accidental kill.

Agent Banner (The Wall)

ICA Agent Banner is easy to kill too. All you have to do is get on the floor above the Dance Floor and look for a Tech Staff, just push him over the edge and it will register as an accidental kill.

Agent Tremain (The Sniper)

Agent Tremain is up in the Sniper nest located on the top floor of the building, he will be there with other bikers. Given his position, it is easy for you to cause him to have a sniper accident and get an accidental kill, doing this will get you a trophy as well.

Agent Green (The Scout)

To find Agent Green you will need to get to the roof of the Chill Out area. Simply get behind him and push him over the railing to get an accidental kill.

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Agent Thames (The Professional)

You will need to get to the back entrance of the club, look for the club crew as ICA Agent Thames has disguised himself as one but taking him out is easy as he’s basically all by himself in this location.

Agent Chamberlin (The Joker)

It can be quite challenging to eliminate Agent Chamberlain as he roams around the Dance Floor but if you wait for the right opportunity, you can catch him going to the basement, giving you the perfect time to eliminate him.

Agent Montgomery (The Leader)

Look for the Head Security at the Dance Floor, and keep stalking him. As he starts to move, follow him and eliminate him when he’s isolated.

Agent Lowenthal (The Englishman)

The best way to take down Agent Lowenthal is by taking on the food delivery guy’s disguise and using Emetic poison. He always sticks by the bikers so it gets hard to eliminate him otherwise. If you poison him, he will go to the bathroom where you can easily take him out.

Agent Davenport (The Rookie)

Agent Davenport can be found in the area between the Chill Out and the Red Toilet, he will be dressed in a tank top and you can easily distract him and lure him. Once he’s off his track, taking him can be easy.

This is all there is to know about where to find all ICA agents in Berlin in Hitman 3. While you’re here make sure how to photograph all Yellow bird graffiti in Hitman 3 right here on Gamer Tweak.