Where To Find Yellow Bird Graffiti Locations In Hitman 3

Want to know where to find all the Yellow Bird Graffiti Locations in the Berlin Map in Hitman 3, check this out

You will need to photograph yellow birds in Hitman 3 if you wish to complete the Concrete Ornithology Feat, it is a simple task and you will need to visit 7 different places and click pictures of yellow bird graffiti around the Berlin map. If you’re having trouble, this short guide will help you find all of these yellow bird graffiti in Hitman 3.

How To Photograph Yellow Bird Graffiti Locations In Hitman 3

Hitman 3 has a ton of feats for you to target and complete and the Concrete Ornithology is one of the easiest ones that you can complete in the game. Completing this will also grant you the Bird Art Achievement in Hitman 3. With all the chaos and

Yellow Bird Graffiti Location 1

yellow bird graffiti 1

To find all the Yellow Bird Graffiti locations in Hitman 3, you will need to get to the Berlin Apex Predator mission. Select the Club Entrance as your starting point and as soon as you get there, exit the club and walk straight until you cross a line of people and beside them, you will see a white van. Take a right from the van and you will see a couple of people sitting on the bench, move behind these people and you will get to see the first yellow bird graffiti in Hitman 3. Take out your camera and click as many pictures as you like.

Yellow Bird Graffiti Location 2

yellow bird graffiti 2

From the first graffiti, check the left wall and vault over it. As you land on the other side, move straight and then take a left, along the path. Here you will find three NPC at a security checkpoint at the side entrance of the Club, to their right you will find the second yellow bird graffiti behind a yellow dumpster.

Yellow Bird Graffiti Location 3

yellow bird graffiti 3

Take a right from the previous graffiti and along the same wall you will find the third yellow bird graffiti, take its picture and continue on forward.

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Yellow Bird Graffiti Location 4

yellow bird graffiti 4

From this location, take a right and go past the security outpost, you should be able to see freight containers on your right, climb up the ladder and you will see the fourth yellow bird graffiti. There are four birds stacked on top of one another.

Yellow Bird Graffiti Location 5

yellow bird graffiti 5

Behind this wall, there’s another ladder, climb this one up and take a right, you will find another set of stairs, and just underneath them, you will find the fifth yellow bird location.

Yellow Bird Graffiti Location 6

yellow bird graffiti 6

Now, climb these stairs as they lead you to a room and as soon as you enter take a right, you will see the sixth yellow bird graffiti just above the door to the right.

Yellow Bird Graffiti Location 7

yellow bird graffiti 7

Finally, the seventh yellow bird graffiti can be found exactly to the opposite side of the room, you should be able to see a group of three yellow birds with a sign. Take the picture and you will have completed the Concrete Ornithology feat in Hitman 3.

These are all the locations that you will need to visit to capture the images of all the Yellow Bird graffiti in Hitman 3. While you’re here you should check out our guide on the best beginner’s tips for Hitman 3 so that you become a professional like Agent 47.