How to talk to Al-Ghazali’s Personal Assistant in Hitman 3?

To meet Al-Ghazali's Personal Assistant you will have to pass through the two guards at the entrance. Here is how to distract them?

In one of the starting missions of Hitman 3, you will be in an area where you will have to meet Al-Ghazali’s Personal Assistant. But the guards at the entrance will not allow you to enter. There are two ways to enter, first either you can choose to distract guards, or second you can play as a clean man. In this guide, you will find both the methods on how to How to talk to Al-Ghazali’s Personal Assistant in Hitman 3?

How to enter the Atrium?

Hitman 3 Meet Ghazali Assistant at Atrium

Walk towards the Atrium and you will be stopped by the guards at the entrance. There are two methods to complete How to talk to Al-Ghazali’s Personal Assistant objective. I am adding them separately below and you can pick the one that fits you the best.

1. Distract the Guards at the Entrance:

Hitman 3 Distract Guards Atrium

Hitman 3 Distract Guards Atrium

Walk to the first door on the left. There is a guard inside. Right on his front on the opposite wall, there is a Fire Alarm. By hitting this button the guards blocking your way will be distracted and you can quietly sneak from their behind. The problem here is there is another guard inside the room who will see if you press the Fire Alarm. So you have to distract him first.

Hitman 3 Fire Alarm Atrium

Throw something on the opposite side and make sure you are not watched. When the guards walk away to check the sound, press the Fire Alarm. Walk outside and sneak from behind to enter the Atrium area to talk to Al-Ghazali’s Personal Assistant.

2. Dump the Weapons in the Dustbin:

Meet Ghazali Assistant Hitman 3

If you are carrying a knife or a screwdriver or a gun the guards will not let you in. They will stop you right on the spot. So look for dustbins around and dump your weapons in them. You can retrieve them back later on. Make sure you are not watched while dumping the weapons. This one is the fastest way to enter the Atrium. When you walk without weapons the guards will check you and let you pass on.

What happens next?

Al-Ghazali’s Personal Assistant will take you to a Meeting room. Sit down quietly on the sit and wait for Carl Ingram. Don’t do anything, do not pick any screwdriver or knife or throw it. Just site there or else the guards will shoot you. Ingram will give you an assignment, that’s your next mission.

This is how you can meet Al-Ghazali’s Personal Assistant in Hitman 3 and complete the mission. We will update lots of amazing tips and tricks that will help you to solve the most challenging missions of Hitman 3. Stay tuned to