Where To Find All Door Codes And Safe Combinations In Hitman 3

Want to know all the Door Codes and Safe Combinations in Hitman 3? Look no further

All of these Door Codes and Safe Combinations in Hitman 3 will give you access to all the doors and safes that you will find in the game. You will no longer have to wait and search for clues as these door codes and combinations are going to be all that you need. Read the rest of this guide to know the codes to everything in Hitman 3.

All Hitman 3 Door Codes and Safe Combinations

Hitman 3 has a lot of secret doors and safes that you can open and get vital information, weapons, and equipment but the only problem that remains is that finding the codes and safe combinations can be a bit difficult but worry not as below you will find all the door codes and safe combinations in Hitman 3.

hitman 3 door code safe combinations

Dubai Door Code And Safe Combinations

Staff Area Door – 4706

To find this code you will have to check the whiteboard in the Meeting Room. This door connects the Atrim and the Staff area.

Security Room Safe – 6927

There’s a safe found on level 03. This safe has an Evacuation Keycard that you will require to open the panels on the 4th and 5th floor of the penthouse. Using this will trigger the emergency evacuation of the two targets giving you an opportunity to assassinate them.

Penthouse Guest Bedroom Safe – 7465

To open the guest bedroom in the penthouse, enter the above code.

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Alexa Carlisle’s Office Safe (Case File) – 1975

Go to Alexa Carlisle’s office on the 2nd floor and look for the safe behind the picture frame, you will need to press the button on the chair to reveal the safe. These numbers represent the clock, telescope, fireplace, and moose head that you can find in the office.

Chongqing Door

ICA Facility Door – 0118

This code will open the door at the entrance of the ICA facility. You can even eavesdrop on people there to hear the code for the door.

ICA Apartment Door – 0118

You can use the same code for the ICA apartment door. You can listen to the answering machine to get the code and to find the apartment, you will have to get to the second floor.

The P41 Form Apartment – 0118

You can find this apartment on the second floor, to get inside you will need to enter the same code as in all ICA buildings.

Laundromat Door – 0118

You can find this door on the first floor, you will need to use this code if you’re pursuing the All-Seeing Eyes Mission Story.

Benchmark Lab Door – 2552

On the fifth floor of the building, you will find this code on a whiteboard. Using this code will give you the option to access the staircase where you can find Hush.

Hush’s Private Lab Door – 2552

To enter the private lab of Hush, enter this code. This will lead you to the therapy room and can be accessed via the balcony.

Arcade Door – 2552

When you get to the arcade, you will find a bunch of locked doors, use this code to gain access.


Wine Fridge Laser System – 1945

Enter this code to shut down the laser systems in the wine fridge. You can find this on the first floor.

Villa Basement Safe – 2006

The safe in the basement of the Villa can be opened by entering this code. This safe is important as it contains a vital piece of information.

To know the code of the safe, you will need to eavesdrop on the guards.

The Carpathian Mountains

Door – 1979

As soon as the mission starts, you will find this door nearby, this code can be seen on a poster left to the door.

These are all the codes that you will need to open every door and safe in Hitman 3.

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