What Is The Hitman 3 Romania Train Door Code?

Here's the Hitman 3 Train Door Code that you need to use in Carpathian Mountains in Romania.

Looking for the Hitman 3 Carpathian Mountains Train Door Code? If you are confused whether you have to find something to get the code, know that there’s a clue hidden right there. In this quick guide, we will show you the Hitman 3 Romania Train Door Code and how it can be found.

Hitman 3 Romania Train Door Code (Carpathian Mountains)


When you enter the room with the keypad, you will be asked to put in a four digit code that will give you access to the room. The Hitman 3 Romania Train Door Code in Carpathian Mountains is 1979 because that the number on the poster on the wall near the computer. This hint is what you will use to input the numbers 1979 on the keypad after interacting with it. After doing that, don’t forget to press OK and the door will unlock. Easy peasy.

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Many players will open up the doors after picking up the access keycard but miss out on observing the room they are in. Simply look to your left. Right in front of the chair, there’s a poster hanging on the wall with “To Those Who Lost Their Lives…” on it. The numbers 1979 are boldly written on it and that’s the hint for the Hitman 3 Carpathian Mountains door code. The clue is really hidden in plain sight. There’s nothing to hack or no files to find for a secret code. After unlocking the door, get the crowbar and move ahead in your journey.

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