Hitman 3: How to Complete Icarus Challenge on Dubai

Here's a quick guide covering how to finish Icarus on Dubai in Hitman 3.

Hitman 3 has a staggering number of Assassination challenges on the Dubai level that players will have to complete throughout the game. One such assassination challenge is Icarus. Unlike other missions in Hitman 3, Icarus is quite easy because it does not require players to get any disguise and have powerful weapons in their inventory to get it completed.

How to Complete Hitman 3 Icarus on Dubai

If you want to complete Hitman 3 Icarus on Dubai instantly, I highly recommend unlocking the art installation starting point first. If you do as we said, you will be able to complete this challenge in no time. If you don’t do as we said, Marcus Stuyvesant will leave the art exhibit.

As soon as you start the art installation, on level 2, the first thing you should do is to find a crowbar, which can be found on the left side of the platform. To obtain the Crowbar, you will have to distract the Tech guys.

Once you have successfully acquired the Crowbar, you will have to locate a fusebox in the same room. Once found, break the fusebox with your crowbar and grab the fuse. Now, you will have to go back to the art installation starting point and then climb up the ladder.

When you reach the top of the ladder, you will find an open fusebox on the right side. Now, you will need to put the fuse that you just grabbed. After inserting the fuse, you will have to go down via the same ladder and interact with the safety override terminal for the sun art.

Now, you will have to wait until Stuyvesant appears and interact with the terminal. As soon as he appears and stretches out his arms in front of the sun, you can override the safe zone. Doing this will electrocute Marcus Stuyvesant and a prompt should pop up on the screen saying that you have completed the Hitman 3 Icarus assassination challenge on Dubai.

That’s everything you need to know about how to finish Hitman 3 Icarus on Dubai objective in Hitman 3. While here, ensure reading about how to complete Mile Hight Drop in Dubai and where to find Greenhouse Key In Dartmoor In Hitman 3.