Hitman 3: How to Unlock The Mysterious Switches In Dartmoor

Thornbridge estate has three mysterious hidden switches in the building. They unlock secret rooms, here is how to open them.

Agent 47 visits Thornbridge estate to take down his next target, Alexa Carlisle. You will also have to retrieve a case file from here. There are two ways to get a case file in Hitman 3. The first one is to kill her, get the input code, and collect the case file. Or you can solve a simple murder mystery and she will hand you over the case file. It’s your choice which route you take, but there are some mysterious switches in the building. They can unlock hidden rooms and they work differently. You cannot open them just by pressing the switches, you will have to use a special item and this guide will help you on how to use Mysterious Switches In Hitman 3.

How to Unlock The Mysterious Switches In Dartmoor?

On the balcony of the room where the dead body is look for an agent. Kill him and disguise as an agent, not as the investigator or private security guard. If you are wearing the identity of a building guard you can move freely around. So get the suit and be ready with a lockpick.

HItman 3 Walking Cane Location

HItman 3 Walking Cane Location

Exit the room, turn right towards the window. Take the first entrance towards the right and continue straight to the door in your front. This is Emma & Gregory’s room.  If you are not having the picklock then you might have to break the door. Lock pick is safe and will not catch others’ interest, collect the Walking Cane from inside. It is a special device to use the mysterious switches in Hitman 3.

Mysterious Switches Location

Hitman 3 - Mysterious Switch 1 Location

On Level 1 just outside of Emma and Gregory’s room look for a huge bookshelf. Mysterious Switch is located at the bottom, use the cane to unlock a secret room.

Hitman 3 - Mysterious Switch 3 Location

The first Mysterious Room is on the right end of the building area where you found the cane. Grab it and walk to the map location above.

Hitman 3 - Mysterious Switch 2 Location

The second one is on Level 2. It is located in a sitting area near the window. Just follow the map above and you will be able to locate the second Mysterious Switch in Hitman 3. This switch will take you to the secret room of Alexa Carlisle and you can execute her there.

So this is how you can find all the mysterious switches in Hitman 3, unlock all the secret rooms and find new items.