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Hitman 3 Impactful Art Challenge Guide: Assassinate Engram and Markus In Single Attempt

Impactful Art Challenge is one of the toughest challenges in Hitman 3. You have to take down two primary targets in one attempt. Refer to this guide to know more about completing the challenge.

Hitman 3 is full of hidden challenges and surprises. As Agent 47 you will be assigned with some primary targets to assassinate. A few of them are easy to kill but some are staying in heavily guarded areas. Carl Engram and Marcus Stuyvesant are among the two early targets you have to deal with. You can go with a different approach by taking down both the targets separately. But if you can lure them into something and assassinate both the targets in one attempt you will earn a trophy. In this guide, I am going to help you with how to unlock the Impactful Art Trophy by taking down Engram and Stuyvesant in one attempt.

How to Unlock Impactful Art Trophy?

You will meet Carl Engram during the very beginning of the game, later you will unlock intel for Marcus Stuyvesan. You can also assassinate Marcus in the Art Gallery by electrocuting him. This unlocks the Icarus trophy. Also, you can assassinate this target by becoming his replacement Guard.

But to unlock the Impactful Art trophy you will have to lure both Engram and Markus into one room. You cannot shoot them with a weapon like a Sniper, there is a different way to assassinate both in one attempt. Follow the Hitman 3 Impactful Art Walkthrough to complete this challenge.

Hitman 3 Impactful Challenge Walkthrough

Go to the Art Gallery and look for a door with Restricted Access on the right side of the Sun. Go inside and turn the left walk to the end and grab the stairs to go to the upper level. Exit from the first left and walk to the left end corner.

Hitman 3 Impactful Challenge Walkthrough

Hitman 3 Impactful Challenge Walkthrough

Now climb up and make sure no one sees you. You will be in a lobby area, go left take the first left towards the balcony. Subdue the guard and take his uniform. Do not forget to hide the body in the security room inside the file cabinet.

Hitman 3 Impactful Challenge Walkthrough

Now exit the room and on your right end look for Maintenance Corridor. Walk to the end and subdue the maintenance guy to grab the server key. Dump his body in the cabinet on the backside, collect Server Room Keycard. Turn around and look for the Server Room door on your right.

Hitman 3 Impactful Challenge Walkthrough

Sabotage the first terminal on the left and then interact with the terminal in the center of the room. You will see four options.

  • 01 – Re-Arrange Meetings
  • 02 – Open Elevator Door
  • 03 – Disable Cameras
  • 04 – Deposit Emergency Funds

Select the first option Re-Arrange meeting and then select the third option Disable Cameras. After using the terminal exit from the backside, not from the door you entered. Exit from the second door and go left. Cross the lobby and turn right from the end. You will cross through a lobby with the wall in gold colors. Guards won’t stop you here because you are already in a uniform.

Hitman 3 Impactful Challenge Walkthrough

Turn left as you cross all the stairs, and continue walking till the left corner. You will see Ingram, this massive room has a sitting area in between.

Hitman 3 Impactful Challenge Walkthrough

Look for a table on the right and hide behind that. This table has a secure room button, hit that when Markus and Engram both are in the room and done with the meeting. Once the room is locked wait for both to stand near the TV screen and shoot the upside-down Lotus on the ceiling.

It will fall on both and this when you unlock the Impactful Art Trophy in Hitman 3. The goal here is to bring them both in one place and make sure they both stand exactly below the lotus. Or else one will run away and alert the guards. That will end your assignment.

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