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Hitman 3: Icarus Challenge Walkthrough: Farm 4000 XP Points Easily

Icarus Challenge is tough but completing this will reward with lots of XP which is worth going for.

Hitman 3 has some amazing side missions that can reward you with a pool of XP points. Earning enough experience points in the game will help you to level up faster. One of these Hitman Optional mission rewards you with 4000 XP and I will help you on how to start that mission as well as how to complete it. So let’s begin with our guide on how to complete Icarus Challenge sin Hitman 3.

Where to find and How to Assassinate Marcus Stuyvesant?

Hitman 3 In Security Mission

The goal of the Hitman 3 Icarus challenge is to electrocute Marcus Stuyvesant which is part of (In)Security Mission. Start this mission and you will have to find a crowbar and a fuse cell first. Using the fuel cell you can assassinate your target in the art section of the building.

How to complete Icarus Mission in Hitman 3?

As soon as the mission begins you will have to go to the backside of the Art Gallery. Assuming you are in the lobby, take the big stairs to go up and then turn left. Walk towards the artifical camels, and turn left. Continue walking till you see big blue wall with Lucy Phillips written on it. Turn right form the wall and continue walling till you reach the  Art Gallery. Follow the blocks and glowing text on the wall.

Hitman 3 - Art Gallery Back Room

Enter the backroom located on the right side of the sun.  Go inside and go up using the stairs in the end.  Exit from left and take two more lefts. You will have to cross a narrow path  and the room on your left will have two guards. This same room has two items.

  • Crow Bar
  • Fuse Cell

Hitman 3 Crow Bar Location

Hitman 3 Fuse Cell Location

Look for container with Fragile text on it. Grab it and on the left end of this room there is a box with fuse cell. On the right of the guard operating his laptop. Grab the cell and return to the Art Gallery.

Hitman 3 Electrocute Markus Mission

Walk through the same Restricted Access Door, use the same stairs to go up and this time instead of going left look on the right for the fuse box. Place the fuse cell in it and go down, go straigth and you will see a Volt Meter box on the left. Wait for Marcus to stand near the Sun and then activate the switch.

This how you can complete Hitman 3 Icarus Challenge and assassinate Marcus Stuyvesant via a technical glitch. This mission will reward you with 4000XP reward points. In many missions like this you will have to hide bodies to avoid unnecessary attention. Also do not forget to read some of our Hitman 3 Beginners Tips to learn basic skill-set that will turn you into a pro assassin.