Tips to Find Stuyvesan’s Replacement Guard in Hitman 3 & Easiest way to kill Markus

Struggling to find Stuyvesan's Replacement Guard then read this guide.

Markus Stuyvesant is one of your primary targets after talking to Engram in Hitman 3. But is not simple to kill him in the tall building. It is all surrounded by guards and every eye in on you. The best thing about Hitman 3 is that it offers you multiply to approach and assassinate your target. Sometimes it’s easy while sometimes it’s very tough. What if I told you can kill Markus Stuyvesant just by throwing him outside the building. All you have to do is find Stuyvesant Replacement Guard in Hitman 3.

Where to find Stuyvesan’s Replacement Guard?

Hitman 3 Stuyvesant Guard Location

When you are in the building for the first time go and listen to the speech. Take the stairs on the left and you will be in a party area with lots of guests. Stairs on the left of the bar will lead you to the Security Room. There you will hear the guards talking about a new Guard with Codenamed: Pinky. This unlocks mission (In) Security where you will have to find Stuyvesan’s replacement guard.

Hitman 3 Stuyvesan Guard Location

After listening to the conversation return to the bar and enter the second Staff Only door on the extreme left. Make sure the bartender does not see you. Move only when you see someone orders a drink and the bartender is busy serving. Now you will have to move with caution if you want you can disguise yourself as one of the waiters. Exit from the door on the extreme left and go downstairs.

Hitman 3 Stuyvesan Guards Transfer paper

Avoid two-guard and go right, look for the Kitchen sign. Go inside and turn right and look for Changing Room. You will find the guard inside standing and talking to a woman. Quietly grab the Transfer papers.

Hitman 3 Stuyvesan Recruit

The next big thing is a guard’s uniform, go outside the kitchen area and follow one of the guards in a white uniform. You will have to wait until the guard is somewhere in a secluded spot, subdue, and grab the uniform.

Hitman 3 Stuyvesan Recruit

Return to the Security Room and Announce your arrival. Wait for Markus Stuyvesan, he will test your knife-throwing skills. Follow him to the special arena where you can show your knife skills.

Hitman 3 Stuyvesan Target Guide

Wait for the guard to go and for some seconds Markus will stand at the edge of the balcony. You can kick him to end his life. Do not do anything until the second guard leaves. This is one way of killing Markus in Hitman 3 where you will find to find Stuyvesan’s replacement guard. There is one more way to kill this high-level target. You can electrocute him, and make around 4000XP easily. For this check our guide on how to electrocute Markus in Hitman 3.