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How To Get Carl Ingram To Play Golf In Hitman 3

You will have to get Carl Ingram to play golf in Hitman 3 to complete the Angry Birdy challenge in Dubai. Here’s how to do it.

For the initial missions in Hitman 3, Agent 47 will be headed to Dubai. You will be tasked to complete several missions during the Angry Birdy challenge. One of the mission requires you to kill Carl Ingram with an exploding golf ball. But for that to happen, you will first have to get him playing the game. Here’s how you can get Carl Ingram to play golf in Hitman 3 so that you can kill him with an exploding golf ball and complete the task.

Before starting with how to get Carl Ingram playing golf, there is a pre-requisite to complete this challenge. The pre-requisite to find and place the exploding golf ball required to kill your target. You can refer to our Hitman 3 Dubai Angry Birdy challenge guide to find the exploding ball and place it in the right place before heading further with getting Carl Ingram to play golf.


Hitman 3: How to Get Carl Ingram to Play Golf

Hitman 3 - How to Play Golf?

You can get Carl Ingram to play golf in Hitman 3 by heading to his Penthouse Suite and triggering some events to lead him to the golf course. He will be inside his private quarters in the Penthouse Suite. Once there, head to the kitchen and activate the egg timer, and he will be down for a meal. However, ensure that you are not seen using the egg timer.


After the meal, he will head to the Study room. Once he is inside, turn on the radio to start the music. He will get angry when the music starts and shout that he is heading to the Penthouse Suite. What you need to do here is head to his room before he does and picks up the vacuum cleaner just outside his room.
When he arrives at the hall and is about to face you, start the vacuum cleaner and move aside. He will get ferocious to this and scold his staff before leaving to play golf. When he starts heading to the golf course, wait for the exploding golf ball to do the magic and kill him.

That’s how you get Carl Ingram to play golf in Hitman 3. Hitman 3 is an assassination game, and it is vital to hide your identity to get the jobs done. Hence, it would be helpful, if you can learn how to hide illegal weapons, change weapons, and find all door codes and safe combinations in Hitman 3.