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How To Complete The Angry Birdy Challenge In Hitman 3 In Dubai

Angry Birdy is one of the challenges you will encounter in Hitman 3 in Dubai. Follow this Hitman 3 Dubai Angry Birdy Challenge Guide to easily complete the challenge.

The Angry Birdy challenge in Hitman 3 tasks you to take out Carl Ingram with an exploding golf ball. You need to find and place an exploding golf ball and get Carl Ingram to play golf to complete this challenge. In this guide, we will walk you through each of the phases individually so that you can easily complete the Angry Birdy challenge in Hitman 3 Dubai.

Hitman 3 Dubai Angry Birdy Challenge Walkthrough

This challenge includes two activities, if you can execute them properly then you can finish up this fast.

Finding the Exploding Golf Ball

Hitman 3 Explosive Golf Ball

The best way to find the exploding golf ball is by selecting the Mighty Fall mission from the Mission Stories tab in the menu. This will track the mission. Somewhere during the halfway through the Mighty Fall mission, you will be asked to head to a server room. However, don’t enter the server room. Instead, go around and past the server room to find a young maintenance staff member on her phone.

The staff member will be talking about the exploding golf ball. After completing the conversation on the call, she will head down the hallway to another staff member. All you need to do is take down both of them and hide them in a nearby closet. While taking them to the closet, the girl will drop a key to the maintenance room, located towards the end of the hall.

Take the key and open the maintenance room, where you will find the exploding golf ball on the floor. After taking the ball, climb the ladder in the same room and place the ball with other balls in the container.

Get Carl Ingram to play Golf

Hitman 3 Angry Bird Challenge guide

After placing the exploding ball with other golf balls, you need to get your target to play golf. You can refer to our guide here for a step-by-step walkthrough on how to do that. However, to put it briefly, you will have to head to the Penthouse Suite and make him come down for a meal.

Next, turn on the radio while he is in the Study. This will make his head to his room in the Suite. Head their first and start the vacuum cleaner when he is about to reach the room. This will get him to go to play golf. While he is on his way to take out the golf ball, the exploding golf ball will kill him and complete the challenge.

That’s how you complete the Angry Birdy challenge in Hitman 3 Dubai. While here, ensure reading how to get all mastery level rewards and find yellow bird graffiti locations in Hitman 3.