Hitman 3: How to Complete How the Mighty Fall in Dubai

Here's a step by step guide explaining how to complete How The Mighty Fall in Dubai in Hitman 3.

The much-awaited stealth game, Hitman 3 has finally released for all leading gaming platforms. The game has a staggering number of missions in Hitman 3 that players will need to complete to progress in the game. One such mission is How the Mighty Fall, which you find in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Since Hitman 3 has just released, most of the players must be finding it hard to complete How the Mighty Fall in Dubai mission. With that in mind, we have curated a guide explaining all objectives of Hitman 3 How the Mighty Fall.

Hitman 3: How to Finish How the Mighty Fall in Dubai

To begin How the Mighty Fall in Hitman 3, you will need to enter the Atrium area and take stairs on the left side of the room.  When you get there, you will have to accept the opportunity from the terminal.

Interact with a map terminal

As soon as you begin this mission, Grey wants you to find a server room, which is located near the Sheikh’s personal reception. To find that server room, you will have to access a map terminal first.

Infiltrate the staff area

How The Mighty Fall Dubai Hitman 3 Guide 4

After analysing the map, Grey believes that the server room can be accessed through the staff area. A new opportunity notification pops up on the map. Notably, the entrance of the Staff Area is one Level above the starting point of this map. The entrance is locked but it can be open by using a code (4706).

Follow Grey’s Advice

Since the area is highly protected and guarded by dozens of people, Grey will advise you to take a scenic route. However, before going further, take down two NPCs that you will find in front of you. You can also distract their attention by activating the vacuum, which you can find in the left corner. When you do so, a couple of staff will come to investigate and you will have to take them down. Once assassinated, you can wear their dress to gain the event staff disguise.

Locate the scenic route

Once you get inside the room, you will have to scan the window using your camera but the guards standing there might suspects your act. Instead of indulging in a fight with these guards, you should go back to the hallway and there is a bathroom where you can overflow the sink.

When you do so, a guard will come to investigate and you will have to go inside the bathroom with that guard and subdue them to take their disguise. If you do so, the other guards standing there will not find your act suspicious when you scan the window to gain access to it.

How The Mighty Fall Dubai Hitman 3 Guide

Once you have gained the access, climb out of the window and shimmy along to the right side until you see a pole to climb up. When you reach the top of the pole, scan the window and enter the hallway.

Find the server room

Now, you will need to find the server room but for that, you will need to change your appearance again. To do so, go inside the Storage Room. When you get there, you will find a Maintainance Staffer, who you will have to take down and get a new disguise. Notably, this is a room which will take you to the Server Room.

How The Mighty Fall Dubai Hitman 3 Guide

When you managed to get inside the Server Room, you will have to gain access to the Servers that Grey actually needs.

Activate the manual override procedure

Since the server terminal located at the centre of the room is locked and can’t be accessed it, you will have to activate the manual override. Since all of the Server racks will trigger an alarm, you will have to pull one of the server racks in the room and hide. When alarm triggers, two guards will come to the location investigate but they will leave after a while. One they leave the Server Room, Grey will tell you to use a keycard.

How The Mighty Fall Dubai Hitman 3 Guide

To get a keycard, you will have to leave the Server Room through the other door and into a narrow hallway. There, you will find a staff member that you will have to kill and obtain his Keycard. To avoid any suspicious activity, you can put his body in the cabinet.

Swipe Keycard

After obtaining a keycard, go back to the Server Room and Swipe the Keycard. The Server Module which is located on the far left side will be changed. When you pull that one, you will be granted access to the terminal. Now, you will need to use the console to schedule a meeting with your two targets.

Disguise yourself as a Penthouse Guard

Before you meet any of your targets, you will have to obtain a penthouse guard disguise. There are multiple guards walking around the current floor but there is a guard standing outside the maintenance room. As soon as they walk into the corner with the water jug, you will need to subdue and drag them into the maintenance room. Now, you will have to hide their body and wear their attire to attend the meeting.

Infiltrate the penthouse floor

After obtaining a penthouse disguise, you will have to go upstairs to meet your Partners. However, a guard will recognise you when you are heading for that meeting. To avoid any further suspicious activity, take a left turn and enter the conference room and you can easily go upstairs and meet your Paterners.

How The Mighty Fall Dubai Hitman 3 Guide

As soon as you arrive the same they are sitting in, activate the Security terminal and the door will shut and Grey will appear on the screen. To finish How the Mighty Fall in Hitman 3 mission, you will have to kill both Carl Ingram and Marcus Stuyvesant.

After taking down your partners, you will have to activate the secure room console again and locate the exit.

That’s everything you need to know about how to complete How the Mighty Fall in Dubai in Hitman 3. While here ensure reading about how to play it with friends and how to carry over your Hitman 2 saves in Hitman 3.