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Where To Find Emma And Gregory’s Room Clues In Hitman 3

Want to know where to find all of the clues in Emma and Gregory's Room? Check them out here

Emma & Gregory’s room clues are an important part of your investigation during the mission Death in The Family in Hitman 3 as you will need to eliminate Alexa Carlisle while also trying to find Zachary’s murderer, if you want to know everything about this mission you should read ahead.

Where To Find Emma And Gregory’s Room Clues In Hitman 3

To get Emma and Gregory’s Room Clues, you will require the Master key that you can find in Mr. Fernsby’s Office, once you have it. Enter their room and here you should be able to find four clues:

  • A Letter from Emma’s Mother can be found next to the bed.
  • The Greenhouse Key Chain can be found beside the suitcases
  • Shoes and Footprints can be seen next to the Fireplace by using your camera.
  • A Bulldog Cane

where to find all clues in emma and gregory room in hitman 3

Now, go down to the library and look for a circular switch can you can activate with the bulldog cane that you just found. Use this cane to enter the secret room, here inside you will find Montgomery’s letter, saying that Zachary’s death was a suicide which is not the truth, but you can still tell Alexa that and finish the mission.

Who Killed Zachary In Hitman 3

Zachary’s murderer in Death of the Family is, well you should check this out to know how to solve the entire murder in Dartmoor in Hitman 3.

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