All Shortcuts That You Can Access In Hitman 3

Want to know where to find all the shortcuts in Hitman 3? Check them out right here

Shortcuts in Hitman 3 will allow you to open up secret passageways and alternate routes to either get to your targets or towards the exit. All of the exits in Hitman 3 are marked in yellow and you will have to check the vents, doors, ladders, etc in the game. If you want to find all of them in the game read the rest of this guide.

All Hitman 3 Shortcut Locations

Each different map has multiple shortcut locations that you can find in the game. Make sure to check for yellow grates that can be visible on all the vents, doors, and ladders in the game. Use a crowbar to open the unlock them and use them whenever you wish.

All Hitman 3 Shortcut Locations

All Dubai Shortcuts In Hitman 3

There are a total of 4 different that you can find in Dubai Hitman 3.

Atrium Lobby Door
Get to the 1st Level through the bathroom leading into the maintenance area.

Penthouse Terrace Ladder
Look for the marker that says Outdoor Area on the map.

Ventilation Area Ladder
Check for the ladder in the Ventilation Area

Helipad Ladder
Go to the 3rd Ladder and check right beside the helipad.

All Dartmoor Shortcuts In Hitman 3

There are a total of 2 that you can find in Dartmoor in Hitman 3.

Balcony Ladder
This you can find on the first level near the starting point of the mission.

Maintenance Ladder
Check out Alexa Carlisle’s Office on the 3rd Floor, you can get here by accessing through the ledge near the staircase.

All Berlin Shortcuts In Hitman 3

There are a total of 3 that you can find in Berlin in Hitman 3.

Entrance Backdoor
Look for a sign that says Staff Only on the ground level.

Biker Basement Backdoor
Inside the Biker’s Clubhouse on the ground level you can find this backdoor.

Skylight Ladder
You can drop down from the Roof on the 2nd level using the Skylight.

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All  Chonqing Shortcuts In Hitman 3

There are a total of 3 that you can find in Chonqing In Hitman 3.

Inner Courtyard
You will need to get to the inner courtyard on the first level.

Facility Elevator Shaft
Find the Tier 1 Security area on the first level.

The Block Ladder
You can find this on the 2nd level, you will need to go inside the building where you can also find Hush.

All  Mendoza Shortcuts  In Hitman 3

There are a total of 3 that you can find in Mendoza in Hitman 3.

Cellar Door

Go to the 3rd level, you can find the entrance to this from the basement.

On the 2nd level, look for the outer staircase.

Maintenance Door
This is found on the 3rd level and can be found inside the Basement of the Villa.

All Carpathian Mountains Shortcuts In Hitman 3

There are a total of 2 in the Carpathian Mountains in Hitman 3.

Passenger Car Door
You can access this, using the workbench in the train cabin.

Container Door
You will find this automatically as you progress through the final mission Untouchable in Hitman 3.

These are all the shortcuts that you can find in Hitman 3, while you’re here you should check out how to harvest Grapes in Hitman 3 right here on Gamer Tweak.