Hitman 3: How To Harvest Grapes

Here's how to harvest three ripe Malbec grapevines.

In The Tour mission in Hitman 3, you will be infiltrating a wine factory tour. During this objective, you will have to harvest grapes wearing a disguise. If you are confused about how to go about this part of the mission, this guide on how to harvest grapes in Hitman 3 will help you out. Check out how to harvest three ripe Malbec grapevines right here.

How to Harvest Grapes in Hitman 3?

After getting into the building, you will have to follow Corvo Black undetected and when you find the right moment, go ahead and subdue him. Do this when you reach an area where he’s alone and near some purple flowers. Don’t forget to hide his body in those flowers as well and steal his disguise.

Dressed as Corvo Black, talk to the receptionist and then make your way downstairs via the staircase that is very nearby. After that, talk to Diana and then your goal will be to find the tour guide. When you do that, you will hear that he asks a worker to pick three ripe Malbec grapevines. One worker will walk away to do that but you have to intervene and do it yourself.

Here’s how to harvest three ripe Malbec grapevines:

how to harvest grapes

  • Follow the winery worker and subdue him at the perfect spot where there’s a yellow container. That’s where you can drop his body and take his winery worker disguise.

where to find grape knife hitman 3

  • With that done, you have to head to the shed and get the grape knife that will help you harvest grapes but stay undetected. Sneak into the location by jumping over the rails and go back to the grapevines without anyone seeing you.

How to Harvest Grapes in Hitman 3

  • Now the trick is to walk towards those grapes that don’t have workers near them because they will see through your disguise. It gets tougher if you are playing on a higher difficulty so tread carefully.
  • Simply interact with the grapes for picking them. Do this three times and then go to the tour guide to give them to him.

That’s basically how to harvest grapes in Hitman 3. The key is to switch from Corvo Black’s disguise to the winery worker’s disguise and grabbing the knife that will help you harvest three ripe Malbec grapevines.

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