Hitman 3: Which Difficulty Should I Choose?

Find out which difficulty should you choose in Hitman 3 and how to change difficulty settings as well.

Being Agent 47 is not an easy task and an assassin has to always be prepared. To give you an experience based on your liking, there are three difficulty levels in Hitman 3 – Casual, Professional and Master. The difficulty differences aren’t subtle, there’s a lot of variation between Casual and Master. So, in this article, we will explain which difficulty to choose in Hitman 3 and also how to change difficulty.

Hitman 3 Difficulty Levels Explained

Hitman 3 How to Change Difficulty

Depending on which difficulty you choose in Hitman 3, you will be able to get the number of saves in the mission. So, in Casual you will have unlimited saves whereas in Master, you are allowed only one save per mission. For Professional, you get unlimited saves but there are other things that change like the availability of surveillance cameras, combat changes and awareness of guards. Check out all the difficulty level differences in Hitman 3 here:


  • You are allowed unlimited saves
  • There are no surveillance cameras
  • You will get all mission story guides
  • There will be less enforcers
  • Combat will be easier
  • You can carry more items with you
  • Lower awareness of NPCs


  • You get unlimited saves
  • There will be surveillance cameras
  • You will get mission story guides
  • The guards and enforcers have more awareness
  • Combat gets a bit more difficult than Casual


  • You will only be allowed one save per mission
  • The surveillance cameras will be more than previous difficulty levels
  • There will be more guards and enforces
  • You will not get mission story guides
  • The combat will be the toughest
  • If you get blood on your disguise, it will be noticed
  • The NPCs will have high awareness

Which Difficulty Level Should I Choose in Hitman 3?

Your choice of difficulty depends on how much ease you want to have while playing as Agent 47. Plus, it needs to be based on your prior experience with stealth games in general.

  • If you want more saves and you are also a complete beginner in this genre, go for the Casual difficulty.
  • In case you have played previous Hitman games and are aware of how things work, but also want unlimited saves, go for Professional.
  • If you want a full challenge where you want to feel like a real assassin packed with highly alert guards, extra surveillance cameras and only one save in a mission, then go for Master. It will also earn you bragging rights!

Hitman 3: How to Change Difficulty

All you have to do to change your difficulty is go to the Briefing menu and choose the difficulty under the Planning Tab.

There is no special bonus you get if you complete a mission on a higher difficulty and the mission score also isn’t affected. But, your score will be put up on the leaderboard and it will be then sorted based on the difficulty. By doing this, you can see how players performed in certain missions on specific difficulty settings.

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