Tips To Complete The Vertical Approach Challenge In Hitman 3

Wondering how to complete the Vertical Approach challenge in Hitman 3? Follow this guide to find out everything you need to know.

Hitman 3 is home to several missions, one of which is the Vertical Approach challenge. It requires you to take down a target who is surrounded by a lot of guards. Hence, you will have to really try hard and make your way to the target to kill him. Here’s how you can kill the target to complete the Vertical Approach challenge in Hitman 3.

Hitman 3: How to Complete the Vertical Approach Challenge

To complete the Vertical Approach challenge, you will have to eliminate Marcus Stuyvesant by sending him over a railing or ledge. However, you will have to disguise as one of his bodyguards to get close to him. Hence, the first thing to do is to get to the changing room at level 0. You will find Marcus’s replacement bodyguard here.

Hitman 3 Vertical Approach Walkthrough

Kill the replacement bodyguard and a staff member in the changing room. Next, hide their bodies and take the transfer papers from the room before navigating to the Security Office on Level 2. When Marcus arrives, tell him that you are the new bodyguard and show him the transfer papers.

Hitman 3 Vertical Approach Walkthrough

Mr. Stuyvesant will start explaining to you the job, follow him while he does so. He will then take you to a room to test your skills. You will have to throw knives and hit them all within a target range. If you are successful in hitting all the knives, Marcus will start admiring your skills and get close to a ledge.
All that’s left now to complete the Vertical Approach challenge in Hitman 3 is to push Marcus Stuyvesant over the ledge. After completing this, take down the guard present in the room so that he does not become a headache.

That’s how can easily complete the Vertical Approach challenge in Hitman 3. While here, also consider reading how to complete the Flying Monkey Business challenge and Impactful Art challenge in Hitman 3. These are some of the most challenging missions in the game and might hamper your progress if not completed quickly.