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How to Complete the Flying Monkey Business Challenge in Hitman 3?

Want 4000XP just by collecting some banana's then read this guide?

Hitman 3 has some unusual business that can reward you with a ton of XP’s. One of them is the Flying Monkey Business Challenge. A funny challenge where you will need to collect bananas scattered around the building in Dubai. Grab them all and you will get 4000 XP which will help you level up fast. Similar to this challenge there are more which rewards you a ton of XP’s. For example the Icarus Challenge and Impactful Art Challenge. Here you will learn about how to complete Flying Monkey Business Challenge in Hitman 3.

How to Unlock Keep your Eyes Peeled Achievement (Trophy)?

Flying Monkey Business Challenge is one of the most confusing challenges in Hitman 3. It is tricky and funny, and this guide will help you to how to complete the challenge. Before you start collecting the banana do not forget to get a guard’s dress with a red hat. Or else you will not be able to move around.

Hitman 3 Banana Location - Meeting Room

Go to the Meeting Room in Atrium Lobby.  Grab the first banana from the desk.

Hitman 3 Keycard and Banana Location

Grab the Evacuation keycard from Security Room. Go to the third floor and use the safe code 6927 to get the keycard. Collect the second banana from the desk of the security room.

Hitman 3 Keycard Evacuation

Now go to the Penthouse which on the fifth floor and use the keycard to trigger Evacuation in Hitman 3. For this, you will have to place the card on two panels otherwise there will be no Evacuation sequence. The panels are on the 4th and 5th floor. Follow the wire using the instinct and you will find the second one.

Hitman 3 Monkey Business Guide

Wait for approx 2-minutes and then place the bananas at the edge of the building. After sometimes your target will pop-out wearing the diving suit. He will fall down and you will earn a trophy in Hitman 3. There are similar more trophies in the game we will update more in the coming time. Till then do not forget to go through our Hitman 3 Wiki guide.