How Do Raids Work In Valheim?

Here's a guide on enemy raiding event in Valheim where we explain how to trigger them, which type of enemies to expect and what to do to protect yourself and your base.

The world of Valheim is filled with enemies – small and massive. Occasionally, you will get a warning of their arrival and if you are unprepared, you will get dealt a lot of damage. The enemies during Valheim Raids come with the intention to destroy your base but there are some things you can do to get less amount of damage. In this guide, we will explain how raids work and what to do when you get the message of an incoming raid.

Valheim Raids Guide

The Raid event will occur randomly for the player in terms of time but there are certain conditions that have to be fulfilled for it to happen. The enemies can be any type of monsters based on your level. If you are just starting out in the game, you will get raided by easy opponents. If you have beaten a boss, the challenge you will face during raids will get increased. Moreover, the raids in Valheim can happen at any time – day or night so you have to always be prepared.

How Do Raids Start or get Triggered?

It seems that when the player is near the home base, the Raid can get triggered. Some have tried to spend much less time near the base to avoid a Raid while some have tried to stay away from the bed. Eventually, though, you will have to use your home which is when you may see a warning text. It could be something like The Forest is Moving or ‘The Ground is Shaking’ or something else depending on where you are. You will also see a red circle marked on the mini-map so you have to quickly defend your base area from the incoming monsters.

How Do Raids Start or get Triggered

What to Do during Raids?

The goal is to protect your base and yourself while the raid is happening. Basically, you need to either kill the monsters who are raiding you or stay alive until the raid is over. The event will continue for some time and then you can check all the damage you have taken.

how to protect base during raids valheim

Here’s how you can stay prepared for a Valheim Raid:

  • Keep your equipment and items upgraded using your Workbench and Forge.
  • Eat food to increase your HP since you will require it.
  • Create your base keeping the future raids in mind. Give it proper defensive structures so that the enemies get slowed down. They should have some trouble trying to get into your base so use Sharp Stakes around your house.
  • You don’t have to head in all ‘weapons’ blazing – you can stay back and avoid enemies if you think it will lead to a dangerous situation for yourself. This is where your strategy will come into play.
  • Players can also kite the opponents till the timer ends. Stalling is key since you don’t want to be surrounded by enemy hordes.

Which type of Enemies raid?

  • On your first raid, you will encounter Greylings, Necks and some animals.
  • If you have beaten Eikthyr, the first boss, then you will get Greydwarfs including Greydwarf Shamans and Brutes along with Greylings.
  • After beating the Elder boss, you will get bigger enemies – Trolls. Trolls will attack your base even if you have killed at least one Troll beforehand.
  • In case you haven’t killed Bonemass yet but have defeated Eikthyr and Elder, Draugrs and Skeletons will attack your base.
  • As you can expect, the difficulty will only get higher as you defeat the other bosses. Further ahead there will be Bonemass, Moder and Yagluth.

Now that you know about Valheim Raids, how they work and what should you do during one, check out our other Valheim guides to get more in-depth info about making the best base. Protect it using a Ward or build a bridge to cross rivers, there’s a lot you can do in this record-breaking Viking survival game.