Valheim Ward Guide: How To Lock Doors And Secure Buildings

Wondering how to protect your base? Use Wards! Here's how to do it.

Valhaeim is enjoyed best with friends. But sometimes you have that one friend who won’t contribute to the cause or is a loot goblin. They may even prevent other Vikings from building or entering the Ward’s area of effect. So here’s everything you need to know about how to lock doors, securing your building, and how to protect your base, all by using the Ward in Valheim.

How Do Wards Work in Valheim?

How Do Wards Work in Valheim

Wards will place a force field barrier seal around an area, protecting your base from being attacked by other creatures and looting by other Vikings in the game. It also prevents other players from building things within the range. So you can rest assured when you have used a Ward because hostile creatures will not spawn in the area due to it. This is one of the best ways to secure and protect your base building, as all doors within the Ward radius will be locked automatically. It also informs you if anything built by you within the radius has taken any damage.

The radius of Ward is quite big, but you can even use multiple Wards to cover a large area with big longhouses and other structures in it.

How to Build a Ward?

To craft a Ward you need to unlock it by using 1 Surtling Core, 5 Greydwarf Eye, and 5 Fine Wood. Surtling Cores are drops from Surtlings but you can also get them from a chest or from Dungeons that you come across. The Greydwarf eye is a drop from any type of Greydwarf like Greyling, Brute, Shaman or the normal Greydwarf. Lastly, you have to chop down Birch and Oak trees to get Fine Wood in the game.

How to Destroy and take control of other player’s Ward?

Wards can be easily destroyed by other Vikings if they are in open grounds. Once it’s destroyed all the locks will be open to all players in the game. If you want to protect your ward, you need to hide it away in your building or other structures with doors that other players can’t open because of the seal barrier. Also make sure to keep it always active. That’s because if it’s found by other players when it’s inactive, they can interact with it to give full permissions to themselves. You can see the list of Vikings when you go the Ward. You can revoke this permission by destroying the Ward and building a new one.

So, that’s everything to know about how Wards work in Valheim and how to use it to lock doors, secure your building and protect your base or other areas. Use its range to make sure no one damages the efforts you have taken with your structures. For more such tips, check out our Valheim wiki and more important guides below: