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How To Get Greydwarf Eye In Valheim

Wondering about how to get the Greydwarf eye in Valheim? Check it out right here

Greydward eye is a crafting item that you can only get after defeating a particular enemy in Valheim. It will help you create things that can get you anywhere in the game, or even protect a particular place. If you want to know how to get Greydwarf eye, check it out right here.

How To Get Greydwarf Eye In Valheim

To get a Greydwarf eye in Valheim, you will have to find and take down a Greydwarf in the game. Greydwarves are a bit stronger than normal Greylings and will take you a bit longer to defeat them. You can always find Greydwarf in the Black Forest and taking them down can be easy if you have the right weapon. Greydward in Valheim can be found in groups as well as by themselves, make sure to used fire-based weapons to take them down easily.

how to get greydwarf eye in valheim
Greydwarf eye in valheim can help you make a portal or a ward

Make sure to get fire-based weapons against this type of enemy. Greydwarf will usually spawn in the nighttime in the game and you can find them in group 3. It is best to take them out from afar and not engage in a hand to hand combat with them.

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While not every Greydwarf will not drop a Greydwarf eye in Valheim, you will need to defeat a bunch before you can get them. It has a 40% drop rate in the game and almost every other Greydwarf will drop it.

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