How To Build A Bridge In Valheim – Basic Bridge Building Steps

Here's the bridge building process you can follow to get started with your first bridge in Valheim.

Players are building bridges in Valheim to make access of areas and transport of loot much easier. With the help of a bridge, not only will the place look aesthetically nice, it will also help you cross rivers easily. Further ahead in the article, we will show you some awesome bridges that other players are created in the massively popular game. So, without further ado, here’s how to build a bridge in Valheim.

Valheim Bridge Building Guide

It’s very important to stay connected with various regions and biomes in Valheim. You can do it via boats (Raft, Karve, Longship), Carts, Portals and also, Bridges! Now, every player will decide to create a bridge differently and the types of bridges will also vary. But in this guide, we will explain the basic process that will help you build a bridge in Valheim’s procedurally generated world.

How to Make a Bridge over Water

The first thing to do is check the region you are going to build a bridge in thoroughly. Plan out which areas you want to connect with the bridge and finalize it. Make sure to do this during the day time when you have a clear view of the area. It will get significantly tougher during the night.

valheim bridge guide how to make bridges
Make sure that your bridge has a strong support

Keep a Workbench or more Workbenches in the vicinity. You will need one on each side of the river.

Use your Hoe to level the ground you are going to set up the bridge in.

First set down your stairs and then the flooring which is where you will walk on the bridge.

This will need some support, so you will have to add pillars along the way. Keep adding pillars until you reach the other side of the bridge.

If the wooden panels require support, you will see that they turn red. Take decisions regarding the pillar according to this.

You have to try various things to give it structural integrity but you will manage to get it done.

With the basic structure done, you can now add fences, walls, roofs or anything else that you think will make it look more bridge-y.

In case you come across some problems getting access to the bridge you are making in the middle of water, you can use wooden tiles or stairs in any way to make it work. It’s all about trying things and seeing if they help in any way.

Do note that some annoying creatures may end up interrupting your bridge building work in Valheim so be alert for that as well.

As you can tell, you will need a lot of Wood for this process so make sure you have collected it beforehand. Building a bridge in Valheim can be time consuming depending on how detailed you want to go. Here are a couple of examples of what some players have created.

valheim bridge designs

valheim bridge building

That’s all about how to build a Bridge in Valheim. While you are here, find out how to protect your base with a Ward in Valheim as well as how to create enemy proof buildings in the game as well.