4 Tips To Get More Storage Space In Valheim (Carry More Loot)

If you have found a lot of valuable loot and want to carry it back to your base, these tips will save your time and effort.

There’s a lot of things to loot in Valheim but after a successful looting session, you may wonder – how to carry MORE loot back with you? As you move farther away from your starting area, you will need to have more storage space with you to bring back valuable resources. Luckily, there are a few ways you can move and transport loot from one place to another and that is what we will explain in this guide.

How to Transport More Loot in Valheim?

Here are all the ways to carry and transport more loot back to your base in Valheim:

  • Use a Cart
  • Get the Cart on your Boat
  • Use the Boat Storage
  • Purchase Megingjord

Keep reading to know more about these ways to transport goods in the game.

Use a Cart

valheim cart storage

A Cart is something that will help you carry more items with you back to your base. You will get 18 slot capacity in a Cart and there seems to be no weight limit as of now. Players will need 20 Wood and 10 Bronze Nails to build it. Once you have crafted it using the Workbench, the terrain type and the total weight being carried will determine how tough it is to pull it. Yes, you need your own power to pull the cart but luckily, you can attack enemies while you are attached to your wagon. Bear in mind that any other environmental dangers or enemies can also damage and destroy it.

The Cart will follow physics and go downwards on a hill if you allow it to. But if your cart is very heavy, you will have some problems going upwards on an incline. If you put too much then you will have difficulty pulling it on a plain area too. So players must keep track of how much stuff they are putting on their Cart if they are going to transport it via road. Despite this, the Cart is one of the best ways to carry a lot of wood, mined items and heavy resources. To make this process much easier for you, use a Hoe to level the ground and make a road for your Cart.

Get the Cart on your Boat to Transport More Loot

how to carry resources back to base valheim

The best thing about the upgraded boat – that is the Karve – is that you can bring your Cart on it. This is perfect when you want to bring back the resources from the biomes which area only accessible via a Boat. What you must do is simply roll the cart on top of the Karve which will significantly save your time. Will the boat get affected due to so much weight? It looks like there is no difference in how the boat functions even with added weight. Try this out to transport and carry more loot in Valheim easily.

Use the Boat Storage

Although not a lot, your Karve will have 4 storage slots so don’t forget to make use of those as well. You can also use the 18 Longship storage slots if you have upgraded to that boat.

Purchase Megingjord

where to buy megingjord

From the traveling Merchant, Haldor, you can buy Megingjord which will help you increase your carry weight easily. With 950 Coins, you can boast of a carry weight of 450 when you equip this item (+150 more weight). You can find him in the Black Forest biome but his exact location is randomly generated. The game will help you out if you are near him because you will see a bag icon. When that happens, know that you are within 290m from him. There are more things you can buy from him like Ymir Flesh and Dverger circlet.

So those were all the ways to carry and transport more loot in Valheim. We hope this helps you gather more resources and bring them back to your base easily. Speaking of your base, here’s how to increase your build area and spawn items using a console command. Find more information in our Valheim Wiki like.