Valheim: How To Increase Build Area

Here's how to increase build area in Valheim & make the most of surrounding space to create a big base setup.

Building your base in Valheim and giving yourself shelter is of utmost importance in this survival game. You can build some enemy proof houses, get a campfire indoors and ensure that you vent out smoke properly. With that said, you may have seen multiple posts online about other players’ bases which are quite massive. They look like they are exactly what a Viking’s house should look like. But how do they do that? How to increase build area in Valheim? Here’s the simple trick they have been using for that.

How to Increase Build Area in Valheim?

To build things, you need a Workbench and you can easily increase your build area by building more Workbenches. Yes, that’s pretty much it and all you need to craft a Workbench is 10 Wood. As you may already know, to build many buildings, you must have a Workbench nearby because that is how you can place or use them. So spread them out according to that.

You can easily build a Workbench by choosing the Hammer from your inventory and pressing F to switch to the Crafting Tab in the pop-up. Next, choose to Workbench by pressing Q/E and press the LMB to place it where you wish.

how do you increase base size valheim

With Workbenches constructed, you can place them at a distance from each other which will increase or expand your build area in Valheim. The white circle with a dotted outline that you see on the ground will show you the area you can build in. While constructing, you have to stand inside the circle as well.

base building valheim

But do remember that you will need quite a lot of wood to build a big house so if possible, set it up near loads of trees. Moreover, you will need a Hoe to level the ground around you.

So, that’s all about how to increase build area in Valheim. Now, go ahead and create an awesome place that you can call your home. Ensure its stability, integrity and also make it look amazing. With that cleared up, we’ve got more guides that will help you out. Here’s how to get Wood from Pile using Wood Stack, how to build Docks, how to craft a Bed, and the Item Spawn Console Commands list in Valheim.

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