How to Research New Technology In Starfield?

Research new tech will unlock new receipes, outpost modules, upgrades, weapons, etc.

Research Lab in Starfield is a way to unlock new construction items, health packs, recipes, etc. By default, one Research Lab is on the ship that is accessible all the time. Players can research tech under five different categories. Each of these will unlock a new module that can be later crafted or purchased in the game. This guide gives more detail about who Research works with and the cost of Research New Tech in Starfield.

Starfield Research Lab Explained

Research Lab Starfield

Players can place a Crafting Bench and a Research Lab on the ship via Ship Building. Here is a list of benches and labs available in Starfield.

  1. Pharmaceutical Lab
  2. Research Lab
  3. Weapon Workbench
  4. Industrial Workbench
  5. Spacesuit Workbench
  6. Cooking Station

By researching new tech players will get access to new modules that can be later used in the game for various purposes. To understand the basics of how to research tech in the Research Lab, it is necessary to learn how Research works in Starfield.  The Research Lab has five categories. Each of them is dedicated to unlocking a new tech. These categories are:

Starfield Research Lab Sections

  1. Pharmacology:  Chems & Health Items
  2. Food & Drink: Recipes
  3. Outpost Development: Outpost Upgrades
  4. Equipment: Spacesuit, Pack and Helmet Mods
  5. Weaponry: Weapon Mods

To research new tech click on any one section like Food & Drink and check the requirement to unlock the Recipe. This recipe can be later crafted on the Cooking Station. The research lab gives base modules, recipes, mods, etc. for crafting. But every tech has certain requirements of Raw Materials.

Without having them unlock the tech is not possible. For example, unlocking a recipe for Old Earth Cuisine will require 3 Breaks, 2 Read Meat and Cheese. In a similar way unlocking a Barrel Mods 1 will require 3 Iron, 3 Nickel, and 2 Sealant.

Starfield Research Mod

The second most important thing to research a tech in Starfield is skill requirement. Mods or Recipes will not be available for research if there is no specific skill unlocked. Check out the screenshot above, for Muzzle Mods 1 along with raw materials, Weapon Engineering Skill is also necessary.

That’s how research works in Starfield. To unlock a new tech two things are needed. First is a related skill to unlock the Research Tree, and second the basic raw materials to build the tech.

Hope this guide was good enough to help in understanding how to research tech in Starfield. For more check our Starfield Guides section.