How To Break Down Items In Starfield? (Answered)

Check out this guide to know if you can break down and dismantle items for resources in Starfield.

With excess mass weighing the suit down, you might wonder if there is a way to dismantle and break down the miscellaneous items from your inventory in Starfield. As the game consists of thousands of planets across different systems, players will find tons of items that they can collect along the way. However, if you go on collecting every misc item you come across, you will find yourself encumbered with all the items. Previous Bethesda titles including Fallout 4 let you scrap these items for resources. And it’s only fair for players to assume that it might be the same with Starfield. While the game doesn’t explain every specific mechanic in detail, here is a guide to know if there is a way to dismantle and break down misc items in the game.

Can You Break Down Items in Starfield?

how to dismantle items in starfield
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Unfortunately, no, you won’t be able to dismantle or break down any misc items from your inventory and get the craftable items back in Starfield. While the game provides you with workbenches and crafting stations for weapons, industrial and spacesuit items, etc. they lack the option to dismantle. You will be able to only craft different items on them in the game. One of the reasons why the game lacks the option to break down items might have to do with its abundance of resources. There are tons of resources you will come across on planets. So instead of dismantling the items, your best bet would be to sell them or toss them out of your inventory. However, we would recommend you sell them instead and get some credits back in the game.

Another thing worth mentioning is that it works the same with weapon mods. While you will be able to change the mods of your weapons, you won’t be able to break them down and get the resources back in Starfield. Once you spent the resources in crafting the mod there is no way to have them back at your disposal. This is why we would recommend you craft weapon mods accordingly.

That’s everything covered on how to break down items in Starfield. If you find this guide interesting, take a look out at our dedicated Starfield section for even more guides. We would recommend you check out how to collect gasses & how to fire missiles in the game.