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How To Fire Missiles In Starfield

Here is the step-by-step guide to help you target and fire missiles in starfield effectively dealing in massive damage to enemies' spaceship.

Space battle in Starfield is all about your skills and the way you use available systems on your spaceship to take the upper hand in the game. As you are about to begin your first space combat in this celestial vastness with tons of enemies to deal with and wondering how to use the missile system on your spaceship to fire missiles. Well, we got you covered with this guide, here is the way to fire missiles in Starfield using the in-game ship control

How to Control And Fire Missiles in Starfield

Missiles can strike a lot more damage once the enemy’s defense is destroyed by a laser weapon. Although they require to be locked onto the targets and are exhausted rapidly. You’ll need some good maneuverability to lock onto a target long enough to deploy your missiles, but they can deal a ton of damage when used at the right time.

Before firing a missile, it is crucial to target and lock onto the enemy’s ship. Targeting in Starflied’s spaceship can be done by pressing “E” on PC or  “A” on Xbox. This skill is unlocked on the first tier of the Tech skill tree, unlocking the ability to lock onto enemies and target specific parts of the enemy’s ship where missiles can be deployed to maximum high damage.

Below are the controls are you required to lock on and fire a missile in Starfield.

On PC:

Objective Control
Fire weapon 2 G (or Mouse 4)
Select target E
Increase system power Up (or V)
Decrease system power Down (or C)
Previous system Left (or Z)
Next system Right (or X)

On Xbox:

Objective Control
Fire weapon 2 Y
Select target A
Increase system power D-pad Up
Decrease system power D-pad Down
Previous system D-pad Left
Next system D-pad Right

Power Allocation in Subsystem in Starfield

If you are aware of your subsystems on Starfield spaceships, then you must know how power allocations work in them. In a nutshell, you allocate power to subsystems to give increase their effectiveness. In Starfield it works kind of trade-off where you have to sacrifice power in one subsystem to get an advantage in another. Hence, keeping the required balance between power in all the subsystems effectively gets the upper hand in space combat.

That’s all from our side on how to fire missiles in Starfield. You can use your skill and combinations of weapons accordingly to strike heavy damage to the enemy’s ships. Check out our guide on Starfield like how to target and destroy engines to immobilize the enemy’s spaceship making them vulnerable or find out the best Starfield ship to buy. Additionally, you can go through the Starfield section on Gamer Tweak to find more tips and guides.