Should You Go With Barrett to Constellation In Starfield?

In Starfield, one of the first opportunities for players to influence the story comes early on, after completing the tutorial mission. During One Small Step, Barrett will approach you and explain that in order to continue his investigation, you must accompany him back to Constellation Headquarters to deliver the artifact recovered from the Crimson Fleet pirates. So, should you go with Barrett or go your own way in Starfield for now?

Should I Join Constellation in Starfield One Small Step?

Should I Join Constellation in Starfield One Small Step?

In the early quest, One Small Step, Lin asks you to help a group of colonists settle on a new planet. After that, you meet with Barrett, who leads the colonists, and he asks you to come with him on the journey to their new home of Constellation.

Joining Barrett means traveling with his colonists for an extended period. Your interactions with Barrett and the other colonists during this time could impact how they view your character going forward.

  • Saying no may sour your relationship with Barrett, but it leaves other options open.
  • Saying yes commits you to helping the colonists complete their mission to Constellation.

Declining does not end the quest but may alter future opportunities or story beats. The main story does not branch significantly based on this choice.

Do You Have to Join Constellation in Starfield?

Ultimately, there is no “right” answer – both options continue the main quest. You simply need to consider how joining or declining the Constellation will affect your character’s motivations and priorities as you begin your journey in the Starfield. Pay attention to the dialog clues about possible consequences to make the choice that best suits your character.

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