Can You Transmog In Starfield?

Here is everything you should know about transmogging in Starfield.

Are you looking for ways to Transmog your suits in Starfield? You aren’t alone, several players are wondering where they can find this option. For new players, Transmog or Transmogrification is an ability that lets you change the appearance of one outfit or weapon to look like some other in the game, while still keeping all of the original stats. As there are plenty of suits that you can unlock in this game, it is understandable why you would need this feature. So here is how it works.

Can You Transmog Suits or Weapons in Starfield?

How To Transmog Gear And Weapons In Starfield

No, at the time of writing this article, the feature seems to be missing in the game. While you can’t change their appearance in terms of transmogging. What you can do is change their skins. Weapons like Laser cutter has multiple visual options. For example, you can equip the Old Mars skin on it. You get it as a preorder reward bonus.

The closest thing to getting a similar feel of this feature is to change skins of your equipment, as explained above. Or you can unequip your spacesuit or helmet to change how your character looks.

Are there any Mods that let you Transmog?

No, presently there are no known mods that let you transmog. While players have requested it on Reddit. The modding community has yet to make one. Even though there may not be a general-purpose transmogging mod. There are specific mods like the Mantis – Deadpool Recolor. You can check out our guides on the best mods or how to get the Mantis suit if you are interested in them.

Will Bethesda Add Transmog to the game?

There are no official announcements yet confirming or denying the addition of this feature. So while it is possible to be added in the future with some updates. For now, we can’t say when or if that will happen.

That’s all on if you can transmog in Starfield and mods for it. For more help on this game be sure to check out our guides on answers to Lou’s questions, ECS Constant location fix, and all Starborn suits list.