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Starfield Mantis Ship And Suit Location

Want a new ship? You should get the Mantis in Starfield.

In Starfield you can get yourself the Mantis ship and suit by doing a side quest. Ships are very important in this game as a lot of what you do here requires exploration. So it is crucial you update your existing ship or get a new one. The best part is, both these things are just there waiting for you to go and claim it. So why wait any longer, here is how you can get them both.

How to Get the Mantis Ship and Suit in Starfield

How To Get The Mantis Ship In Starfield
Image Credit: TagBackTV on YouTube

In order to get the ship you first need the Mantis mission. You can get it from the “Secret Outpost!” note that can be found on one of the pirates while you do the Back to Vectera mission. Once you have the note, go to your inventory and open Notes. Click on the Secret Outpost! slate. The mission will now start, here is what you have to do:

  1. Go to the planet Denebola I-B.
  2. Here, travel to the Secret Outpost landing spot.
  3. You will come across several spacers here.
  4. Fight them and make your way to the Lair of the Mantis.
  5. Start exploring the Lair, you will fight many other spacers inside as well.
  6. Eventually, you will come across Livey. Talk to him to get clues about a corridor that you need to reach ahead. Don’t cut him in the conversation or he will attack you.
  7. Regardless of what you choose to do to him, continue to the corridor he explained about.
  8. Carefully, walk over the tiles to spell “TYRANNIS”. A simple misstep will trigger the turrets to attack you so avoid that at all costs.
  9. Continue ahead and destroy the turrets and robots in the next room.
  10. You will now reach the Lair of the Mantis.
  11. Here, use the door on the left to see the Mantis ship in front of you. Your objectives will now change.
  12. Explore the area and go to the storage room that you can find on the left side.
  13. The room will have several gym equipment and at the center, you can find the Mantis suit. Open the glass casing and interact with it to get your prize.
  14. Finally, make your way to the Starship lift controls and press it to Activate Mantis Ship.
  15. This will raise the ship.
  16. Leave the lair and go to the ship.
  17. Get inside the Mantis ship and use the Pilot seat to make it yours.

That’s all you need to do to get both the Mantis ship and suit in Starfield. Now that you have a brand new ship you should probably add workbenches to it. If you are about to start the Back to Vectera quest then you should also check out how to save Barrett. For more topics on this game check out our Starfield section.