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Starfield: How To Persuade Matsura To Let Barrett Go (Save Him)

Here is how you can save Barrett from Matsura in Starfield.

During the Back to Vectera mission, one of the objectives is to save Barrett in Starfield. This mission takes place on planet Bessel III. When you reach the Ransacked Research Outpost you have to fight a bunch of pirates before actually getting to Barrett. But regardless of what happens outside, once you get to him things can be a lot easier from there. So here is how you can rescue him.

Important Pointers
There are multiple ways you can save Barrett.
Persuading Matsura lets you save him for free.
You can directly pay him 4000 Credits.
The attack option will start a fight.

How to Save Barrett in Starfield

Starfield How To Save Barrett

The best way to save Barrett is to persuade Matsura. You need to fill 6 persuasion bars in 3 turns for it. Make sure to save the game as soon as you get inside the Ransacked Research Outpost Room. In case you fail to persuade him you can easily reload your save file. Here are the options you should choose to convince Matsura.

  • Dialogue Options 1
    • 4 points: “Look, Barrett is more trouble than he’s worth. A lot of pirates are already dead.”
    • 2 points: “You clearly get along with Barrett. You’re friends.”
  • Dialogue Options 2
    • 2 points: “You clearly get along with Barrett. You’re friends.”
    • 1 point: “Neither of us wants to risk the worst happening…”
    • 4 points: “No one has to get hurt here.”
  • Using the above options, you should be able to save Barrett easily. Again, if the persuasion fails, you can always reload and try these options repeatedly.

In case you are tired of trying to Persuade Matsura then there are two more ways you can save him.

  • Pay Credits: Pay 4000 Credits to Matsura and you can buy his freedom.
  • Attack: If persuading didn’t work and you are low on money then you have no options left but to fight your way out of this situation.

That’s all on how you can save Barrett in Starfield. Be sure to also check our guides on how to fix can’t dock, deliver Terrabrew Cappuccino to Donna, and if you can kill your companions.