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Starfield ECS Constant Location Bug Fix

Unable to complete the ECS Constant mission in Starfield? Here are some things you can try to fix it.

Another one of the bugged quests in Starfield is the ECS Constant location missing that players need a fix for. There are many different issues that happen here which vary for player to player. For some the marker just leads them back to the ship. Others have also complained about the ship being missing when they return to deliver the letter to the captain. So here is what you can do about this problem.

How to Fix the ECS Constant Bug in Starfield

Starfield ECS Constant Location Fix

There is no official fix for this bug at the time of writing this guide although there is a workaround. The only way you can fix it for good is by updating the game when Bethesda patches it. For now, you can check this workaround:

Use Console Commands: Using the coc SettleECSConstantint01 command you can teleport to Constant. Thanks to Reddit user u/ramagefreak for sharing this method. You can check their comment here. Do remember that using commands disables achievements. But if you don’t mind that then here is how this workaround can help you:

  1. Get a second ship. This is an important step as you will need it for switching to.
  2. Add the 50 Potatoes to your inventory.
  3. Press the “~” Tilde key to access the console and use this command:
    • coc SettleECSConstantint01
  4. You will get teleported to Constant.
  5. Quick save and reload the game.
  6. Deliver potatoes to the Captain and talk to Janet.
  7. Again open the console and this time use the following command:
    • coc CityNewAtlantisLodgeInt
  8. You will be teleported to New Atlantis now but without your ship.
  9. Go to the Ship Services Technician and make the second ship your home ship.
  10. Now, switch it back to the original ship.
  11. Your ship will now appear.

In case this doesn’t work then you have no choice but to wait for an update to be out that solves it.

That’s all on how to fix the ECS Constant location bug in Starfield. If you need help with other such bugged quests then check out how to fix Power from Beyond. You can also find our other topics useful like the Starborn spacesuits list, save file location, and more in our Starfield section.