Starfield: Save File Location & How To Backup

Worried about losing your Starfield progress? You should check out its save file location and back it up.

While playing Starfield it would be a good idea to know its save file location. Many players are having their saves and auto saves corrupted. So one of the ways you can prevent it to a certain extent is by manually backing up your files. The process might sound tedious, but it might just save you from losing hours of your progress. Here is where you can find them and how to back them up and restore them.

Starfield Save File Location

How To Backup And Restore Starfield Game Saves

You should find your save game files here:

  • Steam
    • C:\Users\_your_username_here_\Documents\My Games\Starfield
  • Xbox Game Pass
    • C:\Users\_your_username_here_\AppData\Local\Packages\BethesdaSoftworks.ProjectGold_3275kfvn8vcwc\SystemAppData\wgs\_string_of_numbers

In case you are unable to find any of these files then you should check the Hidden Items option in the View tab.

How to Backup & Restore Starfield Game Saves

You can backup your Starfield saves, by going to the above location and copying the above files to another location.

  1. Open File Explorer. You can search for it in the Windows Search bar if it isn’t pinned on your taskbar.
  2. Go to the above location.
  3. Copy the entire Starfield folder if you want to be safe with the saves & not miss out any file and paste it to another folder.
    • To ensure you don’t lose the save you can paste it on another drive. Rename this folder to something like the game name with the current mission, this will help you track the progress in case you plan on backing up multiple save files. For example, you can name it Starfield Deep Cover.

To restore your game saves, simply copy the backup of your choice, and paste it in the original save location given above.

Remember to regularly back up your save files. If you do choose to manually back up, then it is ideal that you copy them after each session to not lose out on any new progress you made. You can also disable the cloud saves for Steam and Game Pass to prevent it from restoring any older saves.

That’s all for the Starfield save file location and how to back up and restore your game saves. For more help on this game, you should check out our Starfield section.